Wonder By: R.J. Palacio

Timeline created by aafzal
  • Auggie

    EXPOSITISION- Auggie is the Main character of the book he as a desiese called mandibulofacial dysostosis. Auggie is in fifth grade, He is homeschool be his parents. He also has an older sister named Via.
  • Going to School

    RISING ACTION- August's mother and father want to send Auggie to a privite school. Auggie doesn't want to go to school he wants to stay homeschooled. Auggie goes on a tour of the school with his mom, the principal Mr. Tushman, and 3 kids Charolette, Jack, and Julian. Charolette and Jack are nice but Julian is not the nicest person.
  • Trying To Ignore Everybody

    RISING ACTION - Everybody is pionting at Auggie he trys to ignore it but it is hard for him to ignore everybody. He becomes friend with a girl named Summer. Summer enjoyes being friend with Auggie because she can be herself she doesn't have to try to be like everybody else. Jack is also friends with Auggie but he doesn't always hangs out with him.
  • Halloween

    RISING ACTIONS - People in his school have gotten used to Auggie by now. Halloween was his favorite holiday because nobody had to see him. When he get into his first class on Halloween Day he hers Jack bad mouthing him. Auggie get really sad becuase he thought Jack was nice. That day he went home sick.
  • Nobody is Talking to Jack or Auggie

    RISING ACTION - Julian has had a Christmas Party but he didn't invite Summer, Jack, Or Auggie. Julian made mostly everbody turn against Jack and Auggie. Jack has started to hang out with Auggie and Summer. Julian has been really mean to them, he kept on putting mean notes in their lockers.
  • Try to Be Strong

    CLIMAX - Auggie has been through half of the year but it is getting harder for him because of Julian. Auggie just want to be a normal looking person. Auggie doesn't want people to judge himself by his looks.
  • Camp

    FALLING ACTION - The whole fifth grade went for a field trip. Auggie was really enjoying himself until the last night. That last night it was movie night and Jack had to go to the bathrrom but, on the way back they got beaten by a group of sixth graders. Then Amos and Miles helped them. After the fight they all became friends. Amos and Miles used to be Julians "Body Guards".
  • Gold Medal

    FALLING ACTION - Auggie in going to graduation he gets all dressed up. He goes to the aduiturim with Summer and Jack. Mr. Tushman started with some of the awards then at the very end they gave the Greatness Award. The Greatness Award recognizes courage, kindness, and friendship. This Award was given to Auggie he was so happy everyone was cheering for Auggie. When he got on stage everybody was cheering. very loudly. He felt like a normal looking person.
  • Feeling Normal

    RESOLUTION - Everybody is really proud of Auggie for getting the Greatness Award. Auggie is also very proud of himself. At the end there was a little party and they took a fifth grade picture and nobody cared if they were next to Auggie or not. They didn't judge Auggie by how he looks.