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  • When he was born.

    When he was born.
    The First event his how he came to life and explained how the doctors said that when he was in his mother's stomach they saw "small anomalies." And said when the doctor seen him he fainted and when his mother seen him she though he had beautiful eyes.
  • August First day of school.

    August First day of school.
    The second important event is about is August's first day of school. On the first day of school he meets all his teacher, and even finds a new best friend named Summer. He thought Jack Will was his best friend until something happened a couple months later.He also has to face kids that are mean to him, like Julian.
  • When August found out jack was't his friend.

    When August found out jack was't his friend.
    The third important event I am going to talk about is when August had found out Jack Will was not really his friend. It was the day of Halloween, and August was going to wear his Boba Fett, but ended up going as the bleeding scream. Everyone thought he was coming as Boba Fett. When he got to his homeroom he stood near a desk, and watched Julian talk to these two other people. August thought it was Miles and Henry. He knew they were talking about him.
  • When jack punch's Julian

    When jack punch's Julian
    The fourth important event is about is when Jack punches Julian in the mouth. Jack at this point still does not know why August is mad at him. Jack Will was sitting in Science class when we figured out why August was mad at him. Ms. Rubin, their Science teacher, was talking about the partners for the Science fair project, and Ms. Rubin put Jack Will and August together. Julian ask jack if want to switch partners. Jack Will says no, and races out of the classroom That's when he punches him.
  • Beating up 7th graders

    Beating up 7th graders
    The fifth important event I am going to talk about is when three popular boys stand up for August, and accept him for who he is. August and Jack Will were watching a movie at a nature camp. Jack Will had to go to the bathroom, but did not want to wait for the long line, so he went in the woods. While they were in the woods they saw a couple of kids. When they were heading back to the movie they got lost, and bumped into the kids they saw earlier. The kids looked like 7th grader so they fought.
  • When august graduation

    When august graduation
    The last important event I am going to talk about fifth grade graduation Mr. Tushman gives the most important award to one student. The Henry Ward Beecher medal. I bet you have already guessed it, August wins it. He even gets a standing ovation.