Wilmont Proviso

  • Wilmont Priviso

    This bill aimed to outlaw slavery in territories taken from mexico. The bill passed in the House of Representitives but was defeated in the senate thus causing a division in congress. Although, not a success it led to the fromation of the Free Soil Party.
  • Comprimise of 1850

    The Comprimise of 1850 was designed to fix the problem in California. To please the north, california would be a free state. To please the south, Congress would not pass laws regarding slavery.
  • Kanses Nabraska Act

    The Kanses Nabraska Act, was ment to seperate both kanses and nebrska one becoming a free state, and one becoming a slave state. Congress passed the law in 1854
  • Bleeding Kanses

    Bleeding Kanses, was in refrence to kanses becoming a battleground for slavery. Proslavery groups were starting to attack, among those were Jhon Brown, extream abolists, he murdered five people.
  • Canning of Summer

    In may seneter Chareles Summer, divided an anti-slavery speech, his speech made fun of AP Butler a senator. Preston Brooks, realated to butler, attacked summer beating him with his cane.
  • Dred Scott vs. Sanford

    The case of Dred Scott, was about a slave that had been taken to a free state and lived there for 2 years. Then went back to the south, now arguing he was a free man. Dred wanted to sue the courts, but since he was a slave in there eyes, he could not vote.
  • Attack on Harper's Ferry

    Jhon Brown, who had murded five proslavery kansens three years before, wanted to now to inspier the slaves to fight back. On october 16, 1859, Brown and 18 followers, ( 13 whites and 5 blacks ) attacked Harpers Ferry, and killed four people.
  • The Election Of 1860

    The election was based around Lincon and his worthy apponint. Lincon won the vote, and as promised, ended slavery forever.