William Shakespear

  • Jul 26, 1558

    Elizabethan Era

    Elizabethan Era
    Queen Elizabeth reined over england.
    One of the most fasinating eras ever
    She reined until 1603
  • Apr 23, 1564

    Birth Date

    Birth Date
    William Shakepeare was the child of John Shakespeare and Mary Ann Shakespeare.
  • Jun 16, 1578

    The globe theatre

    The globe theatre
    The globe theatre was the best known stage ever.
  • Jul 16, 1578

    The first lost years

    The first lost years
    He married Anne Hathaway during this time.
  • Marriage Date

    Marriage Date
    He married Anne HAthaway during the first lost years.
  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet
    He wrote Romeo and Juliet about 10 years after he got married about romance imagine that.
  • The re-opening of the Globe theatre

    The re-opening of the Globe theatre
    The globe theatre re-opened and they destroyed 7-8 later.
  • Hamlet

    Shakespear wrote Hamlet on tragedy!
  • 16th Century

    16th Century
    The dutch wars of independence from spain.
  • Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar
    This play is about a man who was brave enough to stand up for what he beleived in.
  • Othello

    William S. was written about a diciple of God.
  • The globe theatre burned down

    The globe theatre burned down
    During a performance of Shakespear's plays a prop cannon fired and a spark lit the roof up.
    The flames carried on by the wind.
  • Death Date

    Death Date
    William Shakspeare died on his very own birthday.
  • Black Death

    Black Death
    Black death was the worst diseases in the world.
  • 17th century

    17th century
    The St. Bartholemew's day massacre and the wars of independence in france.