William Shakespeare

  • Apr 26, 1564

    The birth of William Shakespeare.

    The birth of William Shakespeare.
    April 26th, 1564 William Shakespeare was born. He was born in the Shakespeare home on Henly Street, Stratford-upon-Avon in England. His parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. William had 7 siblings. Some died at an early age. William was the 3rd oldest of them all.
  • Aug 1, 1571

    Williams school years.

    Williams school years.
    William Shakespeare attened Kings New School. He went to Kings New School at the age of 7. His education ended when he was 14 years old because of his fathers financial problems. New Kings School is a grammer school. He most likely studied theater and acting, as well as History and Latin Literature.
  • May 1, 1579

    Shakespeare's first job.

    Shakespeare's first job.
    It is believed that after school William Shakespeare worked as a promtboy and runner at a theater. He also worked as a horseholder. This was before he ever wrote his first play.
  • Aug 1, 1582

    William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway.

    William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway.
    Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare. They were married for 34 years. William died and thats what ended the marrige. Anne outlived her husband by seven years. She died in 1623.
  • Susanna Hall

    Susanna Hall
    Susanna was the oldest child of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. She was born in 1583.Susanna married John Hall. They had one child. Elizabeth Bernard. Susanna died in 1649.
  • Shakespeares son Hamnet.

    Shakespeares son Hamnet.
    Hamnet Shakespeare was the only son of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. He was a ferternal twin of Judith Quiney. Hamnet died at the age of 11. Nobody knows how he died.
  • Judith Quiney.

    Judith Quiney.
    Judith Quiney was the youngest daughter of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. She was born in 1585 and was the ferternal twin of Hamnet Shakespeare. Judith married Thomas Quiney, Thomas and Judith had 3 childeren, Shakespeare Quiney, Richard Quiney, and Thomas Quiney. She died in 1662.
  • Leaving his family.

    Leaving his family.
    Shakespeare left his family in Stratford to join a company of actors as a playwright and performer. This started his career in theater.
  • 37 plays.

    37 plays.
    William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays which was an averge of 1.5 plays a year since he started in 1589.
  • William's first play.

    William's first play.
    William Shakespeare's first play was called King Henry VI part 1.This play came out in 1592. The main part of this play is the death of King Henry V and how his son King Henry VI took his place at the throne.
  • The first Sonnet.

    The first Sonnet.
    William Shakespeare composed the first of 154 sonnet collection. The first one published by William Shakespeare was Venus and Adonis.
  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet
    When people think of Shakespeare they think of Romeo and Juliet. The most treasured romance of all time. The story of a love that could never be. This amazing play was produced in 1594.
  • A Midsummer's Night Dream

    A Midsummer's Night Dream
    A Midsummer's Night Dream is one of Shakespeare's most famous romantic plays.It's a complex farce. The main story is that two couples have complicated romance. This play was produced in 1595.
  • Hamlet.

    Once again, another amazing famous piece from Shakespeare! Hamlet! This play is based on Hamlet getting revenge on the man who poisened his father. This play is performed time in time again in small theaters across the world.
  • Nerrative Poem.

    Nerrative Poem.
    William Shakespeare wrote a nerrative poem called The Phoenix and the Turtle.
  • Macbeth.

    This play by William Shakespeare is a speacial play. Many people enjoy this play. Macbeth is a beautiful piece by Shakespeare. This is a story of tragedy, nobility, and murder.
  • Henry VIII Shakespeares last play.

    Henry VIII Shakespeares last play.
    Henry VIII is known to be the last famous play by Shakespeare. The last play of his is mainly about the life and many wives of Henry VIII.
  • Shakespeares theater.

    Shakespeares theater.
    Shakespears globe theater burnt down. A cannon was shot and caught the theater on fire. It was during a performance of Henry VIII.
  • William Shakespeares death.

    William Shakespeares death.
    In 1616 William Shakespeare died. Leaving his wife and two daughters. Shakespeare lived a long and healthly life for people back then.
  • The Holy Trinity.

    The Holy Trinity.
    Shakespeare was burried in the Holy Trinity Church. William told everyone before he died that he would put a curse on anyone who tried to move his body from his resting place. Nobody has ever atempted to move his body.