William Huggins

By Jrodjl5
  • William Huggins was born

    William Huggins was born
  • spectrum of a planetary nebula

    he was the first to take on the idea of the spectrum of a planetary nebula.
    Planetary Nebula-emiision of ionized gas ejected from the asymphtotc giant branch phase in certain stars near the end of their lives
    Asymphotic giant branch- a phase in a stars life, will appear as a red giant
  • fellow of royal society

    he was elected a fellow of royal society
  • William Huggins marries Margaret Lindsay

    William Huggins married 27 year old Margaret Lindsay, he was almost twice her age at the time
  • bakerian lecture

    delivered Bakerian lecture which was the prize lecture of being elected a fellow of royal society. It was a physical science lecture
  • Died

    Huggins died