Wildlife Conservation

  • Hunting Permitted

    Hunting permitted on all lands under William Penn's Charter.
  • Game Law Enacted

    Pennsylvania's first Game Law enacted
  • Deer Season

    Deer Season
    Dear Season was set for the dates of September 1 to December 31
  • Sunday Ban and Turkey Limit

    Sunday hunting is banned and bag limit for turkeys is two per day
  • Waterfowl

    First ever statewide Waterfowl Season
  • Game Administration

    Legislature grants two-year appropriation of $800 for game administration.
  • Game Bird

    Game Bird
    Ring-neck pheasant is classified as the game bird
  • Game Refuge and Protection

    First State Game Refuge is established in Clinton County.
    The black bear becomes protected
  • Hunting License and Bans

    Resident hunting license is established at $1.00
    Wood duck hunting is banned for five years
    Wild turkey hunting is banned for two years.
  • Bird Treaty Act

    U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act is passed by Congress.
  • Game Lands

    First State Game Lands are purchased.
  • Beaver Season

    Beaver Season
    Beaver trapping season is established.
  • Pennsylvania Game Law

    Pennsylvania Game Law was recodified.
  • Age Restrictions, Commision

    Minimum age for hunters was established at 12.
    Board of Game Commissioners renamed Pennsylvania Game Commission.
    Terms of Commissioners was increased to eight years.
  • Deer Season

    First muzzleloader deer season is held for three days on 37 different game lands.
  • Hunter Education Course

    Hunter Education Course
    All first-time hunters are required to take hunter education course.
  • Code Replaced

    Game and Wildlife Code replaced the Game Law of 1937.
  • Gender Hunting

    Either gender hunting permitted during buck season
  • Game Commision

    Game Commission celebrated its 100th anniversary