Wilbur Soot/Smp

  • Wilbur arrives into the server

    Wilbur arrives into the server
    By an invitation by Dream, he became the fourteen-member of the Smp but he properly joined on July 16th.
  • The Camarvan

    The Camarvan
    With the idea to become one of the top players on the server he created the Camarvan (which doubled as a hot dog van for a time). After building the Camarvan, Wilbur convinced Tommy to join the potion business, this event causes conflicts with another member, Sapnap, who with the authority given by Dream tries to destroy and get down the "Potion business".
  • L'Manberg's conception

    L'Manberg's conception
    After the conflict with Sapnap, Wilbur saw an opportunity for freedom, an opportunity to create a new country with Tommy and Tubbo, who early helps them to escape from Sapnap, so they start to search for a name for it, Tommy proposes "Manberg" and Wilbur (to make the name more European sounding) adds the L'. Eret, who gets involved in the conflict goes to the Camarvan and after listening to Wilbur's proposal, joined the new country. All together began to build a yellow-black yarn wall.
  • L'Manberg Declaration of Independence

    L'Manberg Declaration of Independence
    Wilbur wrote this book to declare his independence from The Greatest Dream Smp, the book was signed by himself, Tommy, Tubbo and Eret.
  • L'Manberg 5th Revolutionary Battalion

    L'Manberg 5th Revolutionary Battalion
    With Tommy, Tubbo, Eret and Fundy, he created the battalion as a commander with the idea to protect their new country from Dream, Sapnap and Punz. Then he gave Tommy the commander role to he can use as a distraction and win the fight. They dissolved the same day he created them.
  • First Canon Death

    First Canon Death
    He was murdered by Punz in the Final Control Room with the Eret's betrayal, losing one of his three lives (in the Dream Smp he created a three lives system to make it easier to follow the story).
  • Second Ver. of the Declaration of Independence

    Second Ver. of the Declaration of Independence
    After the end of the L'Manberg War, in the Camarvan Wilbur wrote another book where they officially cemented their full independence and installed himself as the First President of the Nation,at the same time, he makes Tommy his Vice President and Tubbo his Secretary of State.
  • The Tommy-Dream Duel

    The Tommy-Dream Duel
    He brought Tommy with him to negotiate the terms of surrender with Dream but Tommy propose a duel to the two majors, both agreed and Wilbur has been the manager to count down, at the end Tommy lose the duel but he gave his discs to gets the L'Manberg independence.
  • SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Debate

    SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Debate
    Wilbur and Tommy, who was part of POG2020 (Politicians Of Gaming), Quackity and GeorgeNotFound, who was part of SWAG2020 (So We Are Gamers) assist the presidential debate in Tubbo's courthouse, there're include issues as immigration, punishment, and taxes.
  • Run for president

    Run for president
    Making note that L'Manberg wasn't formed on the basis of democracy he decided to make an election, his plan was to keep the election secret so no one can defeat him but another member discovered his plan, Quackity, and decided to run against him.
  • Election Rally

    Election Rally
    Wilbur was ready to go and win the candidacy but two more candidates arrived, Coconout2020 (formed by Niki and Fundy) and Jschlatt2020 (formed by Jschaltt). With the fear of defeat, he goes to Quackity and propose to join his parties and Quackity accept.
  • The L'Manberg 2020 Voting Ballot

    The L'Manberg 2020 Voting Ballot
    Wilbur post on his Twitter a google questionary to let the audience decide the future presidency of L'Manberg.
  • POG2020 Defeat

    POG2020 Defeat
    After the results are posted, POG2020 appeared to be the winner with 45% of the popular vote but SWAG2020 (with 30% of the votes) join his party with JSCHLATT2020 (with 16% of the votes), defeating Wilbur and Tommy in the process.
  • Exile from L'Manberg

    Exile from L'Manberg
    He has been exiled (with Tommy) from Manberg by Jschlatt, who decide to revoke the L' to make the name more American sounding, his citizenship has been forcefully revoked.
  • Second Canon Death

    Second Canon Death
    He was shot and killed by Punz under Jschlatt orders when he tried to escape with Tommy out of Manberg.
  • Pogtopia Creation

    Pogtopia Creation
    Wilbur, with Tommy and Technoblade, founded Pogtopia after being exiled and murder by Jschlatt orders, he made it to create a safe place and a plan to defeat him. Pogtopia works as the base of operations for all the former citizens of L'Manberg that were either banished by or opposed to Manberg. He acted as the leader of the Rebellion.
  • Start The TNT Plot

    Start The TNT Plot
    In his stance on Pogtopia, Wilbur's mental health go down with the pass of the days, he doesn't know who he can trust so secretly start to plan another way to get Manberg back, he decided that if he couldn't have Manburg, nobody could. So he starts a new plan, a plan to blow up Manberg, Dream help him by giving 51 TNT blocks to Wilbur.
  • First TNT Attemp

    First TNT Attemp
    In the first festival under a new administration, he (with Tommy cooperation) decided to kill Jschaltt but he realizes that killing doesn't make anything and the people of Manberg can go for his head so only assist at the event without invitation, they have to escape at the end.
  • Betraying L'Manberg

    Betraying L'Manberg
    As the commander in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, he goes underground meanwhile the war explodes upside his head and in a secret room, the room where it happens, decided to betray his own nation, the plan was to blow up all but another person comes with him, Philza (his father) tried to stop him saying that all this doesn't make sense, unfortunately, Wilbur press the button and blew up L'Manberg.
  • Third Canon Death

    Third Canon Death
    After he betrays L'Manberg and sees the things that he does, he begs Philza to kill him.
    Phil ends all killing Wilbur, ending the life of the most important founder of L'Manberg.