When Katniss receives help.

By lexie56
  • Peeta gave Katniss bread when she didn’t have any to give to her family

    Before the games, when Katniss and Peeta barly knew each other, Peeta still helped Katniss. Peeta family having owning a bakery didn’t have as much to worry about when it came to food, unlike the rest of District 12. Katniss was wondering the streets looking for food, without any luck goes home in disappointment. Peeta spots her and throws her a burnt loaf of bread, which feed her family for the night.
  • Gale is Katniss's partner.

    Gale was Katniss partner for hunting and gathering. Gale helped her feed her family while feeding his own by splitting their hunt for the day evenly.
  • Mr.Mellark gives Katniss an ease of mind.

    Before Katniss left for The Hunger Games, Mr.Mellark told her that he would take care of her family while she was away. This gave Katniss one less thing to worry about in the games.
  • Haymitch prepares Katniss and Peeta for the games.

    Even though Haymitch was not fully sober most of the time, he did know what he was talking about. He prepared Katniss and Peeta for probably one of the most difficult events in their life.
  • Cinna dresses Katniss as "The Girl on Fire"

    Cinna was Katniss's stylist for The Hunger Games. He is the one who dressed Katniss as "The Girl on Fire." This gained Katnisss repuatation and her confindence. This definitly gave her an advantage in the arena.
  • Ceaser helps Katniss through the interview.

    Before the game, each of the players in the game had to do a interview. Katniss was very worried and nervous but Ceaser helped her out a lot. He kept redirecting the conversation to something she could easily talk about.
  • Peeta keeps the Careers away from Katniss.

    By Peeta keeping away the careers he protected Katniss when she couldn't herself. The careers would of killed her on the spot but Peeta protected her from that.
  • Rue helps Katniss by becoming her ally in The Hunger Games.

    Rue helped Katniss in many situations like, gathering food, the animals in the area, and specific strategy ideas like throwing the tracker jackets nest on the careers camp. Rue was a big part of why Katniss did so well in the games.
  • Thersh kills Clove, not Katniss.

    Clove and Katniss were fighting and Clove was obviously going to win the fight, until Thersh came to Katniss's rescue because she helped Rue.( His fellow district) Katniss could of died right then but Thersh decided to save her.
  • The GameMakers change the rules.

    When the Gamemakers change the rules of the games to two people could win the games if they were from the same district, the changed the game completly for Katniss. She could still have a chance to have everything she wanted.