What Led to This Period 0-1 gujinglen

  • Jan 1, 1215

    Tha Magna Carta signed

    The signing of the document lowered the monarchs power and gave more power to barons.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    1-2 million Native Americans lived in ten major cultural regions north of Mexico

    Two of these major cultural regions are the Northwest Coast and California.
  • First permanent English colony established in America

    The name of this colony was Virginia and it was formed by a group of merchants called the London Company.
  • Mayflower Compact signed

    The purpose of this document was to describe the way that pilgrims would govern themselves
  • The first thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims and the Indians

  • America's first law guaranteering religious liberty passed

    The law was called Act Concerning Religion.
  • African Slaves first brought to the US

    The Africans were first brought to farm.
  • The English take control of the settlement of New Netherland

    The colony was renamed New York.
  • A fear of witchcraft began in Salem, Massachusetts

  • The year that enslaved Africans were living in every colony

  • The First Great Awakening Began

    The movement was a feeling that people had lost religious faith.
  • All 13 British colonies in N. America were established

  • King George III was crowned

  • Prime Minister George Grenville propose the Stamp Act

    The law required that colonists must buy a stamp for every piece of paper used.
  • The Quartering Act passed

    This law required that colonists must provide British troops with housing.
  • Townshend Acts passed

    This law required taxes on goods imported from England.
  • The Revolutionary War Began

  • The Second Continental Congress

  • Common Sense was published

    The author of Common Sense was Thomas Paine.
  • The Declaration of Independance was signed

  • The British surrender to American troops

    France was an ally of America during the Revolutionary War.
  • The Treaty of Paris signed

    One effect of the treaty was that Great Britian recognized the US as an independant nation.