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What if Jazz was never discovered?

  • Beginning of Jazz: Buddy Boldman was born with a disease and it killed him at the age of 4

    Beginning of Jazz: Buddy Boldman was born with a disease and it killed him at the age of 4
    Another link about jazzBuddy BoldenMusic was not invented but discovered through nature, tools, and patterns of noises. The mixture of sounds naturally came to some people ... becoming what we know as "instruments and sounds."It all started with the man, Buddy Boldman, who created the vast sounds of mixed tunes. Jazz is the basic improv of instruments randomly making music. What if he never started this?Many of the future types of music would have been popular and or discovered without this 'brand new' start.
  • Period: to

    If Jazz wasnt started..., what could happen? And if Classical Music didnt progress into this similar known music, what could happen?

    The worlds popular music and evolutionary change would not overturn without Jazz. It helped in many ways to show some beats of African Music. A lot of different types of music would not be discoverd without a rythmn to start it.
    If music never revolutionized, then we would, in a way, be stuck inteh time of the past. People would not be as inspired by the music back then to now.
    Hence most of our music today would not be as good without something to make its basis of life and evolution.
  • Rock n' Roll

    Rock n' Roll
    Upbeats dont count as teh best music to as many people. [Rock n' Roll started to develop after the commence of Jazz.]
  • R&B

    Rythmn becomes the worst thing that could happen to music. Dances are terribly coordinated. [Rythmn and Blues began its course through history. This and Rock n' Roll, which are two different types of music, started the evolution of changing music.]
  • Pop

    Bands mess up during concerts, music isnt the right song, singers lose their voice. [Boy bands, Girl Bands, and etc began very popular during the 1950s. The Beatles are a good example of Pop.]
  • Reggae from the Carribean Side (Before 1960)

    Reggae from the Carribean Side (Before 1960)
    Dancehalls wouldnt have been created to verse people with reaggae music. [This was a mixture of African and Spanish music, with mostly the tempo of drums. If it werent for Jazz, Reggae wouldnt have been as much of a fun up beat to "keep the party going."]
  • Rap

    Bad influence became a great influence for little kids to learn ABCs and numbers from1 to 100. [The cultural mix of words instead of singing popularized in the 1970s. Some "young folks" liked it more than the usual jazz and r&b kind of music.. It was known as a disgrace to "elderly folk" because of its rare cursing and rambling.]
  • Punk

    When this occured, not many people loved it because of the awkward tempos that changed every couple of seconds so it was very hard to dance to some of these songs. [Punk was being discovered from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. It was the type of music that clashed between Rap and Disco in some ways.]
  • Disco

    African Afro's arent made fun of when they would dance to this kinds of music. [At this time, in the 1970s, people were still trying to find themselves within their souls. Certain instruments &cigarretes were used, and drums were often heard in their music. Hippy's were the main people who were known to start this musical attraction in their 70s vans.]
  • Hip Hop

    It is rare for people to like hip hop when their music is off the beat.
    [Hip hop is the kind of music that started fast tempos when dancing (dramatically). It takes a lot of courage and skill to even have a group of people who would dance hip hop.]