Welcome back timeline-front table

  • Jillian starts at CMS

    Pippi dots, Google buys Youtube
  • Somya and Bala start at CMS

    First year of "Moderate/Severe" class at CMS, Hanna Montana
  • Karen starts at CMS

    "Our Song"-Taylor Swift, first year of "History Alive" book, last year of colored paper in the workroom :(
  • Rachel starts at CMS

    NGSS standards, William and Kate royal wedding
  • Lalitha starts at CMS

    London Olympics, "Gangham Style"
  • Sandra starts at CMS

    Orange is the New Black premiere, Game of Thrones "Red Wedding", game-based learning
  • Alexis's first year at CMS

    1-to-1 in 6th grade, Rio "Apacolympics", election year