Week 5 Timeline-Nancy Cartwright

  • Nancy Cartwright is born!

    The great American Philosopher is born in a small town of Pennsylvania, where she would grow up to do monumental feats for science
  • Nancy Cartwright publishes "How Physics Lie"

    Nancy Cartwright published a series of essays in this book that challenged many (male) philosophers who believed that there was always a set of underlying physical laws that described natural events. She disputed this with her radical thesis that the fundamental laws of physics did not state truths about the world; this not only shook the scientific community because of her extreme outlook but also because she was a woman in the scientific community, which had been an extreme minority.
  • Nancy Cartwright publishes "Hunting Causes and Using Them: Approaches in Philosophy and Economics"

    In this book, Nancy gained the ability to dictate that different features and methods for discovery could be put in a huge variety of casual relations, meaning that causation could be presented in many different forms, and it didn't mean just one thing. She put into words what the gap was between the search for causality and using it.
  • Nancy Cartwright Receives Many Awards for her Accomplishments..

    Over her extensive career, Cartwright served in major roles such as president of the Philosophy of Science Association, the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association, and the Division for Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. She received the Martin R. Lebowitz Prize (2017) and was the first woman to be awarded the Carl Gustav Hempel Award (2018). She still works today with many titles and thrives teaching fellow inquisitive students and teachers alike.
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