Week 5 Timeline 2

  • Hilary Putnam

    He was an American Philosopher and majored in Philosophy of Science, Mathematics, Mind, Language, Logic, Epistemology and Metaphsyics.He had a persistance in defence and realism, wanted to know the truth of knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLrVxNlUxBo&ab_channel=americanphilosopher
  • Early Life and Career

    He studied Math and Philoshopy at University of Pennsilvaynia. Graduated Philosophy at Harvard Univeristy and UCLA. He obtained a Ph.D. in 1951. He was a Philosophy professor at Harvard in 1957 and retired in 2000 as a Cogan University Professor Emeritus at Harvard.
  • Anti War

    Putman was involved in the antiwar opposed as a U.S. participation in the Vietnam War. He was in an active Maoist group and was deillusional with the political ideaology. He had interest into learning the Jewish heritage.
  • Realism and meaning

    As a realist, he viewed "metaphysical realism". He had a defense of realism against logical positivists, then had a synthetic statements meaning its not true, or false, no meaning to it of their terms. His theories and paradigm became “incommensurable”, belief of reality was rejected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWNjTnAB8ac&ab_channel=INTELECOM
  • End of Life

    Passed away at 89. Putnam’s academic career is marked by constant self-criticism and intellectual restlessnes. He kept revising his major views of work and was ridiculed by some critics about his mind changing. Putnam said "confident self-defence: “A philosopher’s job is not to produce a View X and then, if possible, to become known as Mr. View X or Ms. View X.”"