• Hitler Wants to be a painter

  • Hitler said the quote, "Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert"

  • Holocaust

  • Period: to

    More than 44,000 Nazi Concentration Camps are Created

    The perpetrators used these sites for a range of purposes, including forced labor, detention of people thought to be enemies of the state, and for mass murder.
  • The Reichstag Fire

    The Nazi leadership and its coalition partners used the fire to claim that Communists were planning a violent uprising. They claimed that emergency legislation was needed to prevent this. The resulting act, commonly known as the Reichstag Fire Decree, abolished a number of constitutional protections and paved the way for Nazi dictatorship.
  • Book Burning In Nazi, Germany

  • Nuremburg Race Laws

    deprived German Jews of their rights of citizenship, giving them the status of "subjects" in Hitler's Reich. The laws also made it forbidden for Jews to marry or have sexual relations with Aryans or to employ young Aryan women as household help
  • Jessie Owens wins 4 Gold Medals in a Single Olympics

  • Kristallnacht

    A massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich
  • German Forces invade Poland

  • The First Ghetto is Created in October

  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in the Spring

  • Soviet forces liberated Blanka in the Spring

    Blanka, living in abandoned houses, made her way back to Lodz. She discovered that none of her relatives, including her mother, had survived