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We didnt start the fire

  • Albert Enstien

    Albert Enstien
    To find more about albert EstienAlbert Estien was the one how invented elcecticty and that how we can use them in are everyday lives.
  • Richard Nixon

    Richard Nixon
    To find more about Richard Nixon Richard Nixon was a preident of the United States of America.
  • Joe DiMaggio

    Joe DiMaggio
    To find more about Joe DiMaggio click here. Joe DiMaggio was a great baseball player. He playeed baseball for 13 years and he played them all for the New York Yankeeys.
  • New queen of england

    New queen of england
    to find more about queen elizbeth the IIIQueen Elizabeth II succeeds to the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms upon.
  • Mickey mantle

    Mickey mantle
    To find more about Mickey mantle. . Micket Mantle was a great baseball player he played for 18 years for the New York Yankees and he was an american baseball player.
  • Elvis

    To find more about Elvis Elvis was a great muscian and he made sevral songs. For an example Blue christmas
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  • Disney land

    Disney land
    disney land Disney land is very improtant around the world and there is you can see Mickey Mouse and many other charcaters.
  • Hula Hoop

    Hula Hoop
    Tofind more about the hula hoop click here. The hula has been around for a while for kids to have fun and get excrise at the same time.
  • JFK assisanited

    JFK assisanited
    To find who killed JFK. JFK was assinated in Dallas Texas and the person that killed JFK was Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Cola wars

    Cola wars
    To ee more about the cola wars. The cola wars are when Coke and Pepsi are at war and the country is diciding which beverage is the best.