we didnt start the fire

  • joe dimmagio

    joe dimmagio
    new york historyjoe dimmagio and the yankees went to the world series 5 times in the 1940's, winning four of them.
  • Period: to

    we didnt start the fire

  • richard nixon

    richard nixon
    nixonrichard nixon is first elected to the united states senate in california.
  • h bomb

    h bomb
    h bombThe h bomb was starting to be built as a nuclear weapon. it was first tested in 1952. the h stands for hydrogen
  • rocky marciano

    rocky marciano
    rockyrocky marciano becomes the new Heavyweigh champiion of the world
  • television

    television was just starting to be popular. it was helpful for s=advertisment
  • hula hoops

    hula hoops
    hula hoop first reach 100 million in sales
  • space monkey

    space monkey
    monkeythe first monkeys (Able and Miss Baker) reach earth from space
  • JFK

    kpresident JFK is shot and killed in dallas texas
  • moonshot

    11Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing, successfully lands on the moon.
  • ronald reagan

    ronald reagan
    reaganronald reagan is elected president from 1981-1989. first ran in 1976