WB Yeats

  • Birth

    WB Yeats was born on June 13 1865 in Dublin , Ireland
  • moved to london

    Moved to london , becausevfather got a job as a painter
  • His first book

    Yeats's first book of poems, The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems, was published in 1889.
  • Proposed to Maud Gonne

    In 1891, he visited Maud Gonne in Ireland and proposed marriage, but was rejected. Then he proposed 3 more times in 1899, 1900 and 1901, but rejected all of them.
  • Wrote a play called The Countess Cathleen

    WB Yeats first poem was The Countess Cathleen.
  • Wrote when you are old

    His second poem was You Are Old.
  • Wrote a play called The Land of Heart's Desire

    The Land of Heart's Desire was his first play he directed.
  • Bought the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

    He bought the Abbey threate, he could direct his plays there.
  • Wrote a play called Cathleen ni Houlihan

    He directed his fist play in the Abbey threate.
  • Wrote a play called Deirdre

  • Marriage to Georgie

    When he was 51 he proposed to 25 year old Georgie Hyde-Lees. ( she aceppted )
  • Birth of Anne Butler Yeats

    His first child was born.
  • wrote wild swans at coole

  • birth of William Michael

    On Anne's second birth day William Micheal is born
  • Wrote Michael Robartes and the Dancer

  • He was appointed to the Irish Senate

  • Nobel prize

    Won Nobel Prize for literature.
  • Wrote the tower

  • Wrote the winding stair

  • Death

    WB Yeats died of old age.