Water for Elephants

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  • Jacob's parents die in car accident.

  • Jacob Finds Circus

    Jacob is too upset about his parents' deaths to finish final exams to become a vet. He runs away to the end of town where he finds some train tracks. He follows the train tracks until he hears a train, and then he climbs aboard. It turns out to be a circus train.
  • Jacob meets August

    Jacob meets August who is the boss of the train. Already, Jacob is liked by the boss and he is immediately put on the show as the vet.
  • Jacob meets Marlena

    Jacob is enchanted with Marlena, August's wife, at first sight. They both secretly have feelings for each other. Jacob soon finds out that Marlena hates her relationship with August.
  • Rosie the Elephant

    Rosie the Elephant joins the circus. August believes that she is a dumb animal and he beats her around everywhere. Jacob doesn't like what he sees, so he tries to calm Rosie down by talking to her gently in Polish.
  • Rosie speaks Polish

    Apparently, Rosie was trained by someone who spoke Polish to her before, because she starts to obey Jacob's commands. He was soon able to train her with Marlena's help to become the best act in the show. This causes Jacob and Marlena to grow close to each other.
  • August's Accusations

    August accuses Jacob of having an affair with his wife. There is a fight over it, and Marlena decides to leave August. The ringmaster is furious with Jacob, so he throws Jacob's best friends out of the train to hurt him.
  • Jacob's Plans

    Jacob asks Marlena to run away with him so that they can live together. She agrees and they make a plan to run away the next day.
  • August's Unfortunate Death

    Right before Jacob and Marlena's plan finally takes action, there is a stampede of circus animals. Jacob and Marlena watch August and the ringmaster die in the disaster. They decide to live happily together on the Ringling Brothers circus show.