War On Terror

By Julesy
  • Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

    Sparked a rivalry and nuclear arms race between the Soviet Union and the U.S.
  • King David Hotel Bombing

    Increased tensions of Zionists in Palestine as Well as killing 91 people.
  • Romanian Airline Hijacking

    It was the first fatal plane hijacking. Led to many others and an increase in airline security.
  • Creation of Israel

    Created extreme tensions between Jews and Palestinians, furthering conflicts and wars.
  • Failed Truman Assasination

    Created more hatred towards the Puerto Rican nationalist and greater tensions between them and the U.S. Failed attempt at degrading the U.S. created more of a diffrent type.
  • Kind Abdullah Assasination

    This attack not only created even bigger tensions between countries in the Middle East but it created more tensions between religious groups.
  • Henry Gurney and 13 Soldiers Killed

    This leads to major shake up of British counter-insurgency operations against the Communists.
  • EOKA terrorist campaign Begins

    A terrorist campaign to fight for independence that expanded fear and terror in Cyprus and led to other EOKA bombings that led to destruction of British Hermes aircraft at Nicosia airport on 3 March and a Dakota on 27 April. Violence continues for four years until Cyprus is granted independence by Britain.
  • Irish Republican Army attack British Army barracks at Armagh, Northern Ireland

    Created a lot of military tension between Ireland and Britian.
  • Juan Manuel Kidnapped

    A non-violent form of terrorism ment to embarrass the Cuban government.
  • Thirty US Marines kidnapped by Communist guerillas

    Heightened tensions between U.S. and Cuba
  • Period: to

    FLQ Active in Canada

    Responsible for over 160 violent events including the October Crisis. This group was influenced by other terroristic independence movements made by countries such as Cuba, Vietnam, and Algeria.
  • Al Fatah Palestinian terrorist attack

    Attack that further hightened the allready strong rivalry between Palestinians and Israelites.
  • Tel Aviv Bombing

    Attack that injured many citizens in the area causeing major dissruption and fear of terror.
  • Munich Massacre

    Increased rivalry and tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Set off many other attacks such as the hijacking of the Lufthansa airliner, Operation Spring of Youth, Operation Wrath of God, and other killings.
  • Attack and Hijacking in Rome Airport

    Not only killed 32 people but caused the release of two terrorist back into the world, and caused even more tensions over the security of airports.
  • NYC Fraunces Tavern Bombing

    The FALN (puerto rican nationalists group) claimed responisibility. The group is linked to 13 other bombings.
    This was a relation of the FALN to the CIA terror-like actions. Fighting terror with terror sets the fighting in a snowball effect.
  • U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran

    Caused tensions between U.S. and Iranian radical groups. Also creating a doubt in the hospitality of Iran.
  • Period: to

    Hezbollah Kidnappings

    Created a fear and hatred towards the Hezbollah as well as increasing tensions between the West and radical Shi'a Muslims.
  • Shiite Bombing

    Increased U.S. hatred and tensions toward Shiites.
  • Shiite U.S. Embassy Bombing

    Killed inocent American lives as well as increasing hatred and tensions between U.S. and Shiites.
  • First Attack on World Trade Center

    Badly dammaged the World T.C. and injured and killed inocent people. Increased the hatred and missconceptions of Islamic people because of the Islamic extremists.
  • Nerve Gas Attack in Tokyo Japan

    A terroristic attack that caused Japan to fear terrorists in their very own country and added to the distrusting of safety and fear of terrorism in general.
  • Bombing of U.S. Embassies in East Africa

    A terroristic attack that caused Africa and the US to further develop their fear and hatred of Osama bin Laden and his followers.
  • 9 11 Attacks

    It was the most damaging terrorist attack on the U.S. that shook the American populations sense of security. It changed the security in airports dramatically, sevearly increased tensions and hate towards al-Qaeda, and kicked off what most see at the official start to the war on terror.
  • Attack on Indian Parliment Building in New Delhi India

    A terroristic attack that further intensified the tensions between India and Pakistan.
  • Bombing attacks in Central London

    An act of terrorism that brought Britain further into the War on Terrorism and caused them to fear Pakistanis and even people in their own country.
  • Karachi Bombing

    An attack on the Pakistan Peoples Party (democratic party) and the Prime Minister (though she didn't die then) that caused many tensions within Pakistan itself.
  • Millimeter wave scanners installed in US airports

    This significant act of security for airports against terrorism caused mixed feelings from Americans (many of dislike) and made/makes it much more difficult for terroristic attacks to occur in airports.
  • Osama Bin Laden

    Most hunted man by U.S. killed. Brought justice to the terrorist attacks on U.S. in 2001 made by al-Qaeda led by Laden.