Walt Disney Timeline

  • Birth of Walt

    Walter Disney was born and named after his parents minister.
  • Moving back

    The Disney family moved to Kansas City, Missouri leaviong behind their home in Marceline.
  • Roy leaving

    Walts brother Roy left for Kansas
  • 8th Grade

    Walter graduated from the 8th grade
  • Surprise

    His friends threw him a surprise party
  • Big SHot

    Incorporated Laugh-O-gram films with more money from local investors. At 20 years old Walt Disney was president of his first company
  • Moving West

    Disney packs up his things and moves West towards the movie making part of the U.S.
  • New Company

    Named his new Company the Disney Brothers Studio.
  • Rumors

    A flurry of rumors that the studio would have to be shut down because of financial difficulties among his employees.
  • Park Design

    Walt Disney outlined fairly detailed plans for an amuesment park called Mickey Mouse Park.
  • Announcement

    Walt Disney made his announcement that Disneyland would be open in July 1955
  • Opening Day

    Disneyland Grand Opening. 33,000 people showed up to the opening of Disneyland. Within 7 weeks of the opening 1,000,000 people had visited the park.

    Just 10 days after Walts 65th birthday, Walt Disney Died.