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Walt Disney by Riley

  • Born

    Walt Disney was born in Chicago 1901.
  • Mickey Mouse Club

    Mickey Mouse Club
    Finally, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Daisy are here on T.V. Thanks Walt Disney for bringing smiles to everyone.
  • Art Career

    Art Career
    Walt Disney started an art career in 1920.
  • Disney theme park

    Disney theme park
    Walt Disney developed a theme park for people to enjoy and have fun.
  • Another Theme Park

    Another Theme Park
    Walt wanted another theme park for their new cartoon show Mickey Mouse Club House.
  • A Marbles invention

    A Marbles invention
    Disney still makes many more cartoons from this marbles invention for owner buddy Walt Disney.
  • Today

    Walt Disney helps make children’s life’s fun and sends the message to be nice to one another. Citation:
    “Walt Disney.” PebbleGo. www.pebblego.com. March 1, 2013.