Walt Disney

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  • Walt Disney is born.

    Walt Disney is born.
    Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901
  • Insperation

    Walt and his family move to Marceline, Missouri. He was only four years old.
  • Big City

    Big City
    Walt and his family move to Kansas City because of heath reasons concerning his father. The farm on Missouri always stood with him though
  • Roy Moves

    Roy Moves
    Walt's older brother Roy E. Disney moved away to California.
  • Walt goes to war

    Walt goes to war
    Walt dropped out of school to serve in WWI but, we rejected because of his age. (16) So instead hr joined the Red Cross. He had to fake his age. He drove a truck full of cartoons he had drawn himself.
  • Walt's Back

    Walt's Back
    Walt came back from the war. He then knew he wanted to go into commercial art. He started off with The Alice Comedies.
  • Start of Something Big

    Start of Something Big
    The Company that was producing The Alice Comedies (Laugh-O-Grams) went bankrupt in July 1923, so Walt decided to move to Hollywood,California with his brother.
  • Disney Bro. Studio's

    Disney Bro. Studio's
    Walt and Roy Disney open Disney Bro. Studio's
  • Lillian Bound

    Lillian Bound
    Walt was married to Lillian Bound. She had worked for Walt earlier at Disney Bro. Studios.
  • Walt Disney Studios

    Walt Disney Studios
    Disney Bro. Stuidos changes to Walt Disney Studios.
  • Magical Mouse

    Magical Mouse
    Mickey Mouse is born on a train. First seen on Steamboat Willie.
  • Advance

    Walt makes a new color technique.
  • Dog

    Mickey Mouse's companion Pluto is born.
  • Goofy

    Mickey Mouse's friend Goofy is born.
  • Shows

    Flowers and Tree's appeared.
  • Family Begins

    Family Begins
    Diane Disney was born on December 18, 1933 after Lillian had 3 miscarriges.
  • Duck

    Donald Duck was born.
  • Adoption

    Sharon Disney was adopted but, she was born on December 21, 1936.
  • Seven Dwarf's

    Seven Dwarf's
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's comes out. The very first movie mad by Walt Disney Studios.
  • Death of a Legand

    Death of a Legand
    Walt died on Thursday December 15, 1966 of Acute Circulation Collapse ( had to do with earlier lung cancer) at St. Josph's Hospital in Palm Springs at about 9:30-9:35.
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    Walt DIsney