Walt Disney

  • Walt Disney is Born in Chicago, Il

    Walt Disney is born; he is the fourth child born to Elias and Flora Disney.
  • Period: to

    Walt Disney's Life

    Born in Hermosa, Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Flora Disney and Elias Disney.
  • The Disney Family Moves

    The Disney family moves to Kansas City, MO
  • Walt Graduates

    Walt Disney graduates Benton High School.
  • Walt Disney Works in the American Ambulance Corps

    Walt works as a member of the American Ambulance Corps in France. He lied about his age to be accepted.
  • Disney and Ub Iwwerks

    Disney meets Ub Iwwerks, and together form Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. This small group survives for a month.
  • Disney Bros Studio

    Walt hires the first animator, Rollin Hamilton, and he moves into a small store with the name: "Disney Bros. Studio".
  • Alice Comedies

    The very first "Alice Comedies" is avaliable in theaters.
  • Walt Disney Gets Married

    Walt gets married to Lillian Bounds. She worked for him before they got married.
  • Renamed to Walt Disney Studio

    Walt Disney renamed "Disney Bros Studio" to "Walt Disney Studio.
  • Mickey Mouse

    MIckey Mouse is know in every civilized country.
  • Goofy

    Goofy makes his first ever appeance.
  • Disney has a Daughter

    Lillian Disney gives birth to Diane Disney.
  • A New Addition to the Disney Family

    Lillian and Walt adopt Sharon Disney.
  • Snow White

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released and it was Disney's first animated full length film.
  • Walt Disney Passes Away

    Walt Disney passes away due to lung cancer.