Walt Disney

  • Walt Disneys was born

  • Disney family moves to farm in Missouri

  • Farm auctioned off Disneys father got typhoid

  • Disney starts school and work.

  • Got a job on the pacific rail roads selling cigs newspaper and pop

  • Joins the red cross and drives ambulances

  • Works as a commercial artist at Pesmen Rubin Commercail art studio in Kansas city

  • Founds Iwerk Disney Studios

    worked on cartoon ads
  • begains marketing his own Newman Laugh O grams cartoons

  • Newmans declared bankruptsy

    walt moves to Hollywood with his brother roy and produce the alice comadies
  • Disney marries Lillian Bonds

  • produces the Oswald the lucky rabbit cartoons

  • Loses control of Oswalds Cartoons to Universal Studios

    Disney creates Mickey mouse in secret and develops sound for sreamboat whille
  • Introduces Silly symphony cartoon series

  • Produced flowers and trees 1st colored cartoon

  • Three little pigs is a sensation in thearter, Walts Daughter is born

  • Work begins on Snow white and the seven dorfs

  • Walt and Lillian Adopt daughter Sharon, smow whit premeied and was hailed for being a masterpice

  • Mother dies in gas furnes accident . Walt recives oscars for snow white

  • Pinocchio and Fantasia do a dissppointing bussiness

  • Disney studio workers strick Studio becomes unionized. Father dies Dumbo is released, Army uses studio after perl harbor

  • Studio produces government info. films

  • Bambi is released , War years leave the studio financially gutted

  • 1946-1948 Disney produces nature films to try to recover the studios finacal footing

  • Disney buys new home, Builds a train to ride around his property, starts planning about an amusmentpark

  • Cinderella animated is a big hit like snow white. Disney first live action hit is released

  • 1951-1953 Alice and wonder land and peter pan are released to therthers , plans commence for a park

  • Daughter Diane marries, Disneyland show premiers

  • Disneyland opened....Mickey mouse club was released

  • Daughter Sharon marries, Disney notices his health slipping

  • 1964-1965Land is baught in florida

  • Mary Popins, Disneys last great innovative film Achivement premires

  • Disney dies from lung cancer