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walkman radio

  • introduced

    portable radios were introduced
  • Sony invented TC-D5

    Sony invented TC-D5
    1978, Sony introduced TC-D5, a tape recorder credited to superb sound quality and which was very user-friendl
  • Showed by sony

    Showed by sony
    Walkman, the portable stereo cassette player brand introduced by Sony
  • Release to the market

    Release to the market
    The Walkman was released into the market for the general public.
  • Payed royalties

    Payed royalties
    Finally six years later Sony agreed to pay royalties for every Walkman sold in Germany
  • People are going crazy for walkmans

    People are going crazy for walkmans
    Walkman had become a craze and anyone and everyone was buying one
  • Innovations

    Walkman models were improvised and featured graphic equalizers, which improved the sound quality to a great extent
  • Described as casseette player

    Described as casseette player
    The term Walkman entered into the Oxford dictionary and is a word to describe a cassette player!
  • Popular

    Marked the beginning of the farewell for the popular Walkman.
  • Not reconize for Inventing

    Not reconize for Inventing
    Andreas was not satisfied and he initiated another series of lawsuits
  • Money

    This figure reached 100 million
  • Even more money

    Even more money
    150 million
  • Threat posted to get his money

    Threat posted to get his money
    Andreas threatened to file infringement lawsuits in all the countries where he had filed for patents
  • Gave Andreas his rights and money

    Gave Andreas his rights and money
    Sony finally agreed to resort to an out-of-court settlement with Andreas and signed a confidential contract