Vocal Music 1900 - 1925

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  • 1900

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    1900 - 1925

  • Schonberg - Verklarte Nach premiered

  • Late Romantacism comes to an end

    Let all mortal flesh keep silent - Edward Bairstow In 1906 Edward Bairstow wrote one of the last Romantic pieces in a modal style to match early plainchant music
  • Schonberg spans more into dissonance

    Arnold Schoenberg - String Quartet No. 2, II
    In his early 20's, Schonberg started his musical career orchestrating operettas. However, in his spare timehe wrote music which would stand as the blueprints for expressionism throughout the 20th century. For the early 20th century, Schonberg was guided by Gustav Mahler. Schonberg's String Quartet 2 was the piece that made Mahler realise, he no longer understood schonberg's music.
  • Pierrot Lunaire - Schoenberg