Vladka Meed

  • Deportations from Warsaw

    Deportations from Warsaw
    The deprtations from the Warsaw Ghetto begin
  • Period: to

    Life in the Ghetto

  • The ZOB

    The ZOB
    In October 1942, the coordinated Jewish Fighting Organization of Warsaw, ZOB, was formed.
  • Resistance

    The members of the Jewish resistance in Warsaw get ahold of some revolvers. Soon thereafter the first German guard is shot. This halts deportations.
  • More Deportations

    More Deportations
    On this day, Jewish Passover, German soldiers marched into the Warsaw Ghetto to make Warsaw "free of Jews".
  • Attack!!

    When the Germans enter the Ghetto they are fired upon by the resistance. They have to retreat. This victorius moment only lasts a while.
  • The resistance comes to an end

    The resistance comes to an end
    The German officer in charge of destroying the Warsaw ghetto announces that the resistance is "officially" over. However, for weeks after "the end" of the resistance, there were Jews still hiding in the ghetto. Resistance was not over for them..

    (General Stroop is the one who declared victory for the Germans. He is depicted in this photo.