Vladek's Life

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    Important events on Vladek's Life.

  • The Beggining....

    The Beggining....
    When Vladek Spiegelman born.
  • The Marrage

    The Marrage
    Vladek married Anja.
  • The Start of Adventure..

    The Start of Adventure..
    invasion of poland Vladek is called to serve in the polish army. The picture is the flag of Poland during WW2.
  • The Invasion of Poland

    The Invasion of Poland
    Nazi was Invading Poland The invasion of Poland was the start of WWII. The Picture shows the Nazi's marching after they invaded Poland.
  • First Captured.

    First Captured.
    Vladek was captured by the Germans and become a prisoner.
  • The Surrending of Poland

    The Surrending of Poland
    Along with all other towns in Poland, Sosnowiec, was captured by the Nazi and Poland surrendered.
  • Yellow Star Arm Band

    Yellow Star Arm Band
    Jewish people started wearing the yellow star arm bands to indicate that they were jewish, most likely their identity.
  • Anja's Grandparents

    Anja's  Grandparents
    Sosnowiec was forced to move to Auschwitz for "document inspection". Apperently they didnt pass the inspection because they are not strong enough to work for the Nazi.
  • The Seperation

     The Seperation
    Most of the Jews were forced to leave Sosnowiec to move to the ghetto. Richieu, Vladek's first son, along with his aunt Tosha was sent to Zawiercic. Most of the jews from the ghetto was later moved to Auschwitz. Tosha poisoned herself for Richieu to avoid being sent to the gas chambers.
  • The Death of the First Born ( RIchieu)

    The Death of the First Born ( RIchieu)
    Although Richieu was saved by his aunt from the gas chamber, months later all the remaining jews were killed and Richieu was one of them.
  • Auschwitz

    After years of hidding, Vladek and Anja was sent to Auschwitz and got seperated from each other. Anja was sent to Birkenau but later sent to Auschwitz.
  • Prisoners of War

    Prisoners of War
    Auswitch, one of many concentration camp in Poland. The Auswitz camp began functioning during the 1940s. Prisoners from the camp was stompped with thier numbers for thier identification; Vladek and Anja was sent to Autswitch.
  • The Death Marches.

    The Death Marches.
    The Jews was forced to leave Aushwitz because the Nazi didnt want the prisoners to fall into the enimies alive. Another reason was that they needed prissoners to maintain their armaments wherever possible. Later on Vladek was sent to Dacahu.
  • The V-E Day

    The V-E Day
    Germany Surrendered. The Americans saved other jews who were hidding from the Nazi; Vladek and his friend Shivek was realeased and were hiding for days until the Americans arrived in Poland.
  • Art Spiegelman

    Art Spiegelman
    Art Spiegelman is born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Reunion

    The Reunion
    Anja and Vladek was reunited after the war. They left Poland to go to Sweden.
  • The Land of Opportunity.

    The Land of Opportunity.
    Along with other Polish immigrants, the Spiegelman family, moved to United States.
    Most of the immigrants from Europe arrived in Ellis Island, where they inspect all the incoming immigrants if they have the right requirements to live in the U.S.
    The Speigelman family stayed here in the U.S permenently.
  • The Lost

    The Lost
    Anja commited suicide, Vladek found her dead in the bathroom. She shlashed her wrist and was overdose.
  • Vladeks End

    Vladeks End
    Vladek died in the end of the second book because of his heart failure.
  • Maus: A Survivor's Tale

    Maus: A Survivor's Tale
    Maus I, is the first book that Art Spiegelman wrote about the life of his father before, during and after the Holucust. He dedicated this first book to Anja.
  • The Second Maus

    The Second Maus
    Art Spiegelman second book , " Maus 2 " was published by Patheon Books. This book was dedicated to his brother, Richieu.