290px viking orbiter releasing the lander

Viking Probes

  • Sputnik, Mercry, Gemini

    Sputnik, Mercry, Gemini
    Mercury was meant to put first man in space
  • Mariner Launch

    To be on Space
  • Viking 1 Is Launched

    Viking 1 Is Launched
    NASA launches the Viking program to find life on Mars
  • Viking 2 is launched

  • VIking 1 arrives at Mars

  • Viking 1 lander touches down

    Landing site is Cryse Planatia
  • Viking 2 enters Mars orbit

  • Viking 2 Lander touches down

    Landing site is Utopia Planitia
  • Voyager Probes

    Launched in Cape Canaveral
  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Finished building it
  • Mir is launched

    Operated in Low-Earth orbit
  • Period: to


    Mission to Venus
  • Galileo is launched

    Galileo is launched
    Deep Space Probe
  • N.E.A.R Launch

    Meant to provide information about Asteriods like Eros
  • Mars Rover is Launched

    Mars Rover is Launched
    To explore surface of Mars
  • Internatioal Space Station

  • Period: to

    Pioneer Launch

    It is scheduled to go to Space
  • Period: to

    Pioneer Launch

    It is future scheduled