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Video Ga Ga

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    Video Ga Ga

  • Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    The video propelled the song up the charts. It hit No.1, where it lasted for 11 consecutive weeks. Over the next two decades, the music video would impact every aspect of pop culture.
  • Television Channel devoted to Music

    Television Channel devoted to Music
    Michael Nesmith produced a video for his song "Rio," which he showed to skittish television execs. The suits found the idea of a 24 hour music network patently ridculous.
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    Robert Holmes band recieves Best Video Award

    In 1979 when he started making videos, most people thought of them as short story films with a music as a backdrop. His band started to get so much fame with what they were doing that they ended up getting nominated for a Grammy in 1984
  • I Want My MTV

    I Want My MTV
    A number of factors have alinged. Shows like Popclips demonstrated the music video's populatrity and, by extension, its commercial viability. When MTV came on television it started with 200 videos in its rotation.
  • I Want My MTV "Ad Campaign"

    I Want My MTV "Ad Campaign"
    A year after it's famous ad campaign, artists like Madonna, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Billy Idol and the Police were helping with the sell. The feisty upstart would grow and, artists would gravitate toward the medium, seeing the musci video as another arrow in their marketing quiver.
  • Canada's MuchMusic

    Canada's MuchMusic
    The day the channel was put on television. The Canadian music television channel has grown as much as MTV over the years showcasing different music videos that would help keep up with the market.
  • Neil Young's video banned

    Neil Young's video banned
    Neil Young's "This Note's For You" a satrical montage pf popular ad clips and raspy indictment of the ad-music connection, was banned from MTV (but was played elsewhere, including Canada)
  • Nirvana Erupted!

    Nirvana Erupted!
    Nirvana's 1991 music video "Smells Like Teen Spirit" erupted on national airwaves, and was granted a temporary reprieve
  • Spike Jonze wins MTV award

    Spike Jonze wins MTV award
    He won the MTV award for best director in 2000, made his feature debut with ''Being John Malkovich''
  • MTV's 20th Birthday

    MTV's 20th Birthday
    The day the channel celebrates 20 years being on the air mainly for its core audience between the ages of (15-24)