USA and Cuba Timeline

  • U.S Abandons Right

    U.S Abandons Right
    USA abandons right to intervene in Cuba's internal affairs.
  • U.S Businesses Nationalised

    U.S Businesses Nationalised
    All U.S businesses in Cuba become nationalised without compensation. U.S breaks off relations with Havana.
  • Cubans Flee

    Cubans Flee
    125,000 Cubans flee to America in a movement called the Mariel Boatlift due to Fidel Castro. They all traveled by boat to Florida.
  • Cuba Signs Agreement

    Cuba Signs Agreement
    U.S agrees to admit 20,000 Cubans a year in return for Cuba stopping the emigration of refugees.
  • Trade Embargo

    Trade Embargo
    U.S trade embargo made permanent after Cuba shot down two U.S aircrafts.
  • The Cuban Five

    The Cuban Five
    Five Cubans are convicted in Miami for spying for the Cuban government.
  • U.S Exports Food

    U.S Exports Food
    U.S exports food to Cuba for the first time in 40 years to help out with Hurricane Michelle.
  • Guantanamo Bay

    Guantanamo Bay
    Afghanistan Al Qaeda suspects are taken to Guantanamo Bay as prisoners to be interrigated by the U.S.
  • Raul Castro

    Raul Castro
    Raul Castro officially takes over as president.
  • Alan Gross

    Alan Gross
    U.S citizen Alan Gross detained in Cuba for be accused of spying for the U.S.