US vs Iraq Timeline

  • The war begins

    US invaded Iraq under the impression they had WMD's and with the goal to remove Saddam Hussein from office.
  • Saddam falls

    Saddam's main city of Baghdad falls in just hours after a U.S. lead strike on the city.
  • Bush "ends" war

    Bush declared an end to the war in Iraq, stating it was " a desperate act resulting from dead ends"
  • Suddam captured

    Suddam Hussein was captured in his hometown of Tikrit, giving US officials hope to end violence in Iraq.
  • WMD search ends

    Bush ends search for WMD's in Iraq, stating " We were wrong in almost every category and our intelligence was all wrong."
  • U.S, transfers leardership

    U.S. gives Iraq back their government to lead on their own after two years of tacheing by the U.S.
  • Saddam executed

    Saddam was executed after being found guilty of crimes against humanity.
  • blackwater attack

    A group of soldiers attack Americn forces, killing 17 in what is the deadliest instance since the beginning of the shpw
  • US pulls out

    US troops pull out of Iraqi cities and leave an embassy to watch over them.
  • Obama ends war

    Obama declares an end to the 7-year war in Iraq