u.s history 1770to1840

  • chapter 4: section1 pages 96-102

    boston massacre: the boston massacre strted when the colonists were not in favor of the soldiers who were taking all of the jobs and so they got into na argument that turned out to be fatal for the colonist 5 were shot and killed. which was later called the boston massacre
  • feb 15 2012 chpt

    5 intolerant acts by king george
    1.) king george shut down the boston harbor becuase the colonist refused to pay for the damaged tea
  • feb 16 2012 chpt.4 section 2: pages 103-108

    declaration of independence- the document written by thomas jefferson in 1776, n which delagates of the continental congress declared colonies independence from britian
  • treaty of paris

    the treaty ending the revolutionary war, confirming the independence of the united states and setting boundaries of a new nation
  • aricles of confederation

    a document adopted by the second continental congressin 1777 and finally aprooved by the states in 1781that outlined the form of gov.
  • shay's rebellion

    an uprising of debt ridden massatchusetts farmers protesting and increasing state taxes in 1787
  • three branches of gov.

    leg.- makes laws(congress,house of rep.)
    exec.-carries out laws (president)
    jud.-interprets laws(judge or police)
  • bill of rights

    the first ten amendments to the cons. added in 1791 and cosisting as a formal list of citizens rights and frredoms.