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U.S. and Arizona History Timeline (Immigration Issues) By Megan Eby

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Arizona Explored By the Spanish

    Arizona Explored By the Spanish
    In the 1500's, Arizona was first explored by the Spanish.
  • English Settlers Arrive in America

    English Settlers Arrive in America
    This marked the beginning of a nation. This was the beginning of Colonial Immigration and settling on our nation.
  • The American Revolution creates the United States of America

    The American Revolution creates the United States of America
    George Washington led the American victory over Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War.
  • United States Declare Independence

    United States Declare Independence
    This is the anniversary of our nation's birthday. This is when we signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • First Alien Naturalization Act Enacted

    First Alien Naturalization Act Enacted
    26 Mar 1790
    This was the first ever alien naturalization act. This was enacted by the newly created US Government. This act presented the nations first rules to be followed by all people in the granting of national citizenship. The law was limited to aliens who were 'free white persons'. This law did not include indentured servants, slaves, and most women. Indentured servants, slaves, and most all women were actually considered dependents. They were incapable of casting an independent vote.
  • Mexico Gains Control Over Arizona

    In 1821, Mexico Gains Control Over Arizona
  • Treaty Of Guadalupe

    Treaty Of Guadalupe
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War. This was an important part of history because it extended citizenship to about 80,000 Mexicans living in Texas, California, and the American Southwest. This resulted in US Acquiring Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, and Parts of Utah and Nevada from Mexico.
  • The Mexican War

    The Mexican War
    United States won the Mexican War and gained all of Arizona, north of the Gila River through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Gadsden Purchase

    The rest of Arizona becomes part of United States by the Gadsden Purchase.
  • The Fourteenth Amendment, 1868

    The Fourteenth Amendment, 1868
    The Fourteenth Amendment, 1868, establishes for the first time that children born on U.S. soil would be conferred U.S. citizenship regardless of their parent's citizenship status, race, or place of birth.
  • The Immigration Act

    The Immigration Act
    The Immigration Act of 1882 levies a tax of 50 cents on all immigrants landing at US ports. This act also makes several categories of immigrants ineligible for citizenship.
  • Arizona Becomes A State!

    Arizona Becomes A State!
    Valentines Day marks for Arizona Statehood. The Date that Arizona was admitted to the Union was February 14, 1912. Arizona was the 48th State to be admitted to the Union.
  • Mounted Inspectors

    Mounted Inspectors
    US Congress Authorized a group called "Mounted Inspectors". This group were supposed to line up on the US-Mexico Border and be watchmen for the U.S. Immigration Service. This group of mounted inspectors patrolled the border in an effort to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border illegally.
  • Civilian Patrol

    Civilian Patrol
    In October of 2004 in Arizona, a group formed together that were called the Minuteman Project to track down undocumented immigrants. This group stationed themselves along the Mexican border in a controversial effort to stop illegal immigration.
  • SB1070

    This is hands down one of the most controversial acts in Arizona or US History. This Arizona bill passed on April 23rd 2010. SB1070 is the most restrictive immigration bill in the United States. This bill includes that it is a state crime to be in this country illegally. All legal immigrants must be carrying paperwork on them at all times to prove their status here in the US.
  • Supreme Court Upholds Arizona

    Supreme Court Upholds Arizona
    US Supreme Court upheld Arizona on May 26, 2011. This was on the law that penalized businesses that hire undocumented immigrants.