• Founding

    CLINIC established by U.S. Catholic Conference. A major presence in its founding is Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, then Director of Migration & Refugee Services
  • Immigration Representation Project

    Immigration Representation Project
    CLINIC creates the Immigration Representation Project (IRP) that refers immigrants in New York to legal representation.
    This becomes the model for other diocesan immigration programs.
  • Immigration Management Project

    Immigration Management Project
    CLINIC launches its Immigration Management Project to train and develop the skills of staff at nonprofit immigration programs.
  • Catholic Legal Immigration News

    Catholic Legal Immigration News
    CLINIC publishes the inaugural edition of "Catholic Legal Immigration News," a monthly newsletter for legal services professionals. In 2010, the newsletter has a circulation of approximately 1,200.
  • Attorney of the Day hotline

    Attorney of the Day hotline
    The Attorney of the Day hotline is launched. The toll free help line provides CLINIC affiliates with immediate access to an immigration law expert for help on cases and to respond to questions on immigration law.
  • Legal Orientation Programs

    Legal Orientation Programs
    CLINIC is one of six organizations that receive federal funding to provide legal orientation presentations (LOPs) to detained immigrants.
  • Annual Convening

    Annual Convening
    CLINIC hosts its first Annual Convening, a three day conference for its growing network of nonprofit immigration programs. The Convening has become the premiere training event for legal service professionals at nonprofit organizations.
  • Division of Religious Immigration

    Division of Religious Immigration
    The Division of Religious Services is established to help religious organizations bring foreign-born priests, nuns, and brothers to the U.S. to serve.
  • Awards

    CLINIC receives a nation award from the United Nations Association of the Capital Area for its detention program.
  • Violence Against Women Immigration Project

    Violence Against Women Immigration Project
    CLINIC launches an anti-domestic violence program to help organizations that assist immigrant victims of domestic violence.
  • At Risk Reports

    At Risk Reports
    CLINIC publishes its first of four at-risk reports analyzing the impact of our nation's immigration laws and policies on vulnerable populations.
  • BIA Pro Bono Project

    BIA Pro Bono Project
    CLINIC, and several of its partners establish the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Pro Bono Project to provide free legal representation to indigent detainees in immigration appeals court.
  • National Immigrant Empowerment Project

    National Immigrant Empowerment Project
    Creates the National Immigrant Empowerment Project (NIEP) to help 17 immigrant-led grassroots groups address systemic barriers to immigrant integration.
  • National Asylee and Information Referral Line

    National Asylee and Information Referral Line
    The National Asylee and Information Referral Line is created to provide asylees with information on available services and benefits.
  • Advocates representing victims of abuse & crime

    Advocates representing victims of abuse & crime
    CLINIC co-authors two manuals for advocates representing victims of abuse and crime: "The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants" and "A Guide to Legal Advocates Providing Services to Victims of Human Trafficking."
  • Citizenship for Us

    Citizenship for Us
    Citizenship for Us
    CLINIC writes and publishes "Citizenship for Us: A Handbook on Naturalization and Citizenship," a report providing guidelines for applying for citizenship and the naturalization process.
  • Mariel Boat Lift (Clark v. Martinez)

    Mariel Boat Lift (Clark v. Martinez)
    In light of the Supreme decision Clark v. Martinez, CLINIC provides targeted training and technical assistance to legal service professionals who are providing services to Mariel Cubans.
  • Gulf Coast Immigration Project

    Gulf Coast Immigration Project
    The Gulf Coast Immigration Project is established to assist immigrants in Louisiana and Mississippi in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. CLINIC provides funding and technical assistance to nonprofit immigration programs in five affected cities to expand services and hire more staff.
  • Children & Immigration

    Children & Immigration
    By the end of the year, CLINIC provides children with 104 "Know Your Rights" presentations and consults with 200 children individually on their cases. In addition, CLINIC refers 114 cases to pro bono lawyers.
  • National Asylee Information & Referral Line

    National Asylee Information  & Referral Line
    By the end of 2007, the National Asylee Information & Referral Line fielded 9,067 calls from detainees, their families and their supporters. In addition, 3,438 detainees were given individual screenings and interviews.
  • CLINIC turns 20

    CLINIC turns 20
    CLINIC celebrates 20th Anniversary. Several former employees and volunteers were recognized during a special reception at the National Migration Conference.
  • Division of Religious Services

    Division of Religious Services
    Ten years after CLINIC started providing legal representation to religious organizations, its attorneys represent more than 250 dioceses and manages more than 1,000 cases.
  • Natonal Pro Bono Project for Children

    Natonal Pro Bono Project for Children
    The National Pro Bono Project for Children is launched to match minor immigrant children in removal proceedings with free legal representation.
  • Expanding network

    Expanding network
    By the end of 2009, CLINIC has added 22 nonprofit immigration programs to its network, bringing its affiliates to more than 185.