The Asian-American community in United States

By samalek
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    Military history of Asian Americans

    Asian Americans, who are Americans of Asian descent, have fought and served on behalf of the United States since the War of 1812. During the American Civil War Asian Americans fought for both the Union and the Confederacy.At the beginning of the 20th century, Asian Americans began to attend U.S. military academies.World War I saw Asian Americans serving as non-whites in the National Army.in 1948,segregated Asian American units ceased to exist and Asian Americans served in integrated armed forces
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    Gold Rush

    A gold rush is an interval of feverish migration of workers to an area that has had a dramatic discovery of gold deposits. Major gold rushes took place in the 19th century in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, and the United States.Gold rushes helped spur a huge immigration that often led to permanent settlement of new regions
  • Emigration of chinese in America

    Emigration of chinese in America
    In the 1850s,farmers hired Chinese laborers that left the gold fields to drain marshlands in the Sacremento Valley and paid each worker 1 dollar a day.The chinese helped develop agriculture which helped the United States grow up economically.
  • First China Town in Los Angeles

    First China Town in Los Angeles
    The first Chinatown, centered on Alameda and Macy Streets, was established in 1880. Reaching its heyday from 1890 to 1910, Chinatown grew to approximately fifteen streets and alleys containing some two hundred buildings. It boasted a Chinese Opera theater, three temples, a newspaper and a telephone exchange. But laws prohibiting most Chinese from citizenship and property ownership, as well as legislation curtailing immigration, inhibited future growth.
  • Chinese can't vote in Washington

    Territorial law passed banning Chinese from voting in Washington.
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    Huge economical development

  • Oldest Chinese Taoist sanctuary was built

    Oldest Chinese Taoist sanctuary was built
    Bok Kai Temple is the oldest active Chinese Taoist temple in California.Bol Kai is the Chinese water God,the bringer of rain and the banisher of evil.It was built in 1854 and rebuilt in 1880.
  • 1st Civil mariage of Chinese Americans

    1st Civil mariage of Chinese Americans
    On april 7th 1855,Charley Ah You,of Thuy Sung Shung Tung co. ,and Miss Sag Sung were married by Justice O Bailey;believed to be the first civil mariage of chinese in California and in America.
  • Immigration Ban

    Immigration Ban
    California passes a law to bar entry of Chinese and "Mongolians".
  • Development of many China Town

    Development of many China Town
  • Chinese Discrimination

    Chinese Discrimination
    In 1860, two discriminatory laws were passed in California.One forbade Chinese American children to attend public schools.The other required a special license to be purchased by Chinese American fisherman.it was called a license instead of a tax bcause unequal taxation was forbidden by law
  • Development of mant Chinatown

    Development of mant Chinatown
    Entering 1860, a fast-growing economy had delivered many consecutive months of employment gains thanks to emigrants labors
  • Chinese laborer

    Chinese laborer
    Chineses laborers were needed because they work hard and were paid 1 dollar.So they were called " cheap Chinese labor"
  • Construction of the transcontinental

    Construction of the transcontinental
    The First Transcontinental Railroad ("Pacific Railroad") was a 3,069 km contiguous railroad line constructed in the United States between 1863 and 1869 west of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to connect the Pacific coast at San Francisco Bay with the existing eastern U.S. rail network at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Chinese immigrants were hired to take on task of building tracks.In 1869 this railroad was finished and this heroic work by chinese has been noted as the "greatest engineering ".
  • Begining of chinese discrmination

    Begining of chinese discrmination
    America was afraid by Chinese people so they esatablished many unfair law to control them.Chinese people wasn't allowed to mary with an american man or woman also they didn't havethe right to own land and other crual law.
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    Yellow Peril

    Yellow Peril (sometimes Yellow Terror) was a color metaphor for race, namely the theory that Asian peoples are a mortal danger to the rest of the world. American people was afraid By the increase of the Chinese population.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law signed by President Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882. It was one of the most significant restrictions on free immigration in US history, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers.
  • New discriminatory laws

    New discriminatory laws
    Chinese exclusion act was renewed and more strict: Construction of Concentration camp which regroup a majority of American chinese.
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    Second World War

    The Second World War was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, though related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the world's nations including all of the great powers eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It was the most widespread war in history, and involved more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. In a state of "total war", the major participants threw their entire economic,industrial,capabilities behind the war
  • Pearl Harbor tragedy

    Pearl Harbor tragedy
    The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, in the United States Territory of Hawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941.The attack came as a profound shock to the American people and led directly to the American entry into World War II in both the Pacific and European theaters. The following day, December 8, the United States declared war on Japan.
  • Decret of extermination of Chinese people in a "death camp"

    Decret of extermination of Chinese people in a "death camp"
  • The act was finally repealed

    The act was finally repealed
    The Magnuson Act,known as the Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act of 1943, was immigration legislation proposed by U.S. Representative Warren G.Magnuson of Washington and signed into law on December 17,1943 in the United States.It allowed Chinese immigration for the first time since the Chinese Exclusion Act, and permitted some Chinese immigrants already residing in the country to become naturalized citizens.But unfortunately this law wasn't applied in all states untill the act was fully repeal in 1965
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    Globalization (or globalisation) is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.Globalizing processes affect and are affected by business and work organization, economics, socio-cultural resources, and the natural environment.
  • Roman novel "Snow Falling'' written by David Guterson

    Roman novel "Snow Falling'' written by David Guterson
    San Piedro Island, north of Puget Sound, is a place so isolated that no one who lives there can afford to make enemies. But in 1954 a local fisherman is found suspiciously drowned, and a Japanese American named Kabuo Miyamoto is charged with his murder.Gripping, tragic, and densely atmospheric, Snow Falling on Cedars is a masterpiece of suspense - one that leaves us shaken and changed.
  • Roman novel ''Shanghai Girls'' written by Lise See

    Roman novel ''Shanghai Girls'' written by Lise See
    In 1937 Shanghai the Paris of Asia twenty-one-year-old Pearl Chin and her younger sister, May, are having the time of their lives.In 1937 Shanghai sent to California as mail-order brides after their father gambles away his money. Along the way they make terrible sacrifices, face impossible choices, and confront a devastating, life-changing secret.