How Has The Settlement of the West Changed Canada?

  • British claim Newfoundland

  • Attempt to settle Virginia

    This is an action taken by the British.
  • First permanent settlement

    Located at Port-Royal. Settled by the French.
  • second permanent settlement

    located at Quebec, settled by the French
  • population of New France

    3215 people living in the colony.
  • new population of New France

    70000 people living in colony.
  • New France surrenders

    THe colony New France surrenders to their rivals, the british
  • British in control

    British established control over most of North America. Which led to many French citizens leaving.
  • Canada's current population

    430000 people
  • WWI

    Since 1814 low immigration due to WWI
  • New immigrants

    SInce 1815 thousands of European immigrants have come to North America, due to the Industrial Revolution.
  • Canada's population

    2.5 million people
  • British North America Act

    THe British North Act gives immigration responsibility to federal, provincial, and territorial governments.
  • First Immigration Act

    The First Immigration Act restricts the following people from entering Canda:
    the poor
    the disabled
  • treaties with First Nations

    Canadian government starts making treaties with the First Nations.
  • Dominion Lands Act

    Dominion Lands Act grants 160 acres of freeland to those who meet all the critieria.
  • Immigrants come

    Immigrants begin arriving from Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Germany.
  • construction begins on CPR

    construction begins on Canadian Pacific Railway.
  • Chinese come

    SInce 1881 17000 CHinese immigrants come to work on construction the railway
  • Railway completed

  • Chinese Head Tax starts

    Canada govenment charges $50 on Chinese immigrants coming to Canada.
  • ad campaign

    Clifford Sifton, minister of the interior, begins agressive ad campaign for settlement in the West
  • priority given to farmers

    1896-1905 the priority is given to farmers and farm labourers.
  • first Head tax update

    Canadian government changes Head Tax to $100
  • recent immigration population

    12.7% of Canada's population have recently arrived
  • second Head Tax update

    Canadian government changes Head Tax to $500.
  • provinces created

    Alberta and Saskatchewan are created.
  • Immigration Act

    this act allows the government to deport immigrants because of:
    criminal offence
  • War Measures Act

    this act allows the government to stop immigration from the "enemy nations;" Hungary, Austria, Germany. Immigrants coming from these places are called "enemy aleins."
  • government limits immigrations

    The Canadian government limmits immigration of various religious and ethnic groups.
  • Immigration Act

    the Immigration Act prohibits the entry of "undesirable peoples. these included:
    the mentally ill
    those with strange habits and lifestyles
  • Head Tax Ended

    Head Tax ended but the new Chinese immigration act makes it extremely hard for CHinese to come to Canada. Only 44 people entered in the following 24 years
  • Great deprression

    low immigration due to The Great Depression.
  • WWII

    WWII ends immigrants are coming back.
  • Department of Citizenship and Imigration

    The Department of Citizenship and Immigration is formed.
  • perferred classes

    French, American citizens, British subjects, people wishing to reunite their families are preferred citizens.
  • "WHite paper"

    "WHite paper" recommends bringing in immigrants with labour skills to benefit the economy.
  • Refugees

    Refugees are identified as a class of immigrants.
  • "Green Paper"

    "Green Paper suggests the welcoming ethnic divesity as an economic tool.
  • Immigration ACt

    Immigration Act gives more power to provinces, creates categories of immigrants, and defines "prohibited classes"
  • Immigrants come from more places

    Since 1970 immigrants coming are mainly professionals, technicians, managers, and entreprenuers. They are coming from Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. They are chosen according to the new Pionts System.
  • refugees

    25% of all immigrants are refugees.
  • The Foreign Domestic Movement

    The Foreign Domestic Movement program was introduced. Domestic workers could come on temporary contracts.
  • Metis culture born

    THe metis culture is born from relationships between European furtraders and indeginous women.
    They were recognized in the Canadian COnstitouion Act.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    The Canadian Charter of Rigths and Freedoms promotes inclusiveness and equality.
  • Supreme Court of Canada ruling

    THe Supreme Court of Canada rules that refugees and landed immigrants have the same Charter rights as citizens
  • ecomomic depression

    during and economic depression government intruduces a Five Year Plan to increase immigration.
  • Right of Permanent Residence

    Right of Permanent Residence Fee requires each immigrant to pay $975
  • Right of permentent Residence

    Right of permentent Residence Fee is removed for refugees.
  • Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

    The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act establishes stricter requirements for refugees, and business-class immigrants.
  • Head Tax apology

    Canadian Government issues ofical apology for Head Tax.
  • Refugee Reform Act

    The Refugee Reform Act increases refugee acceptances.
  • Bill C-31

    Bill C-31 gives refugees a limit of 15 days to submit their refugee claims.
  • Points System updated

    THe Points System is updated to prioritize language knowledge, education, and applicants with jobs waiting form the in Canada.