U.S. 2012- Semester 1- Thompson

By RyannT
  • Missouri Compromise

    All territory above 36o30N is considered free land. This sperated the North and South's new territory lines.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    The act stated that all runaway slaves are to be arrested, given no trial, and then jailed. All citizens were to help capture these slaves, though Northreners disagreed to do so. This was a part of the Compromise of 1850.
  • Copromise of 1850

    California is considered a free state and the remaining land is decided by popular sovereignty in the territory. THis undid the Missouri Compramise.
  • Scott vs. Sanford

    Dred Scott was bought by Dr. Emerson in Virgina, and then moved with him to Illinios and Minnesota Territory. When they move to Missouri in 1839, Emerson dies 4 years later and gives Scott to his son. Scott sues Sanford for his freedom and loses.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Was introduced by Dougals and it divided the territory by popular vote.
  • Republican Party forms

    The party was formed to help win the fight against slavery. They quickly gained power in the political world.
  • Attack on Lawernce

    Proslavery men attacked the free town of Lawrence. The two governments that formed in Kansas tried to sway the voting on slaves in the state.
  • Macy's

    Rowland H Macy is created and is the first department store in New York City
  • Wanamakers

    First store to have 'money back guarantee'
  • Election of 1860

    The Presidental election against Lincoln, John Breckenridge, Douglas, and John Bell. Lincoln wins and become our 16th President. Lincoln: Republican. Against slavery.
    Douglas: Democrat. Supported popular sovereignty
    Breckenridge: Democrat. Supports Slavery.
    Bell: Whigs. Upholds Constitution and it's laws.
  • Meeting in Charleston

    South Carolina legislature declares that it's dissolved from the U.S. This will lead to others states to leave as well.
  • Fort Sumter needs help

    President Buchanan sends supplies to Fort Sumter, food only and no ammo. Southerners are suspicious and fire on the supply ship. Ship gets sent back North.
  • Davis for President!

    Jefferson Davis is sworn into office as President of the Confederate States of America. He will stay in office till May 10th, 1865.
  • Confederacy is created

    The Confederate States of America is formed and confirmed. It made it's own constitution that said each state is allowed to secede and that it protects slavery.
  • Lincoln is elected

    Lincoln is sworn into the White House. Tries to keep the peace between South and North so no blood is shed.
  • Declaring Insurrection

    After Fort Sumter was captured, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to fight against the South to get it back. The South replied by gaining it's own troops.
  • Habeas Corpus Suspended?

    Lincoln suspends the Habeas Corpus as a move against the rioters. This caused multiple people to get arrested for being 'Disloyal'
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln ends slavery for all states under the rebellion. Though it didn't outlaw slavery or give them citizenship, it allowed the freed slaves to join the Union Army.
  • Vicksburg Catured!

    The Union sucessfully captures the town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Grant continued with the Anaconda Plan and ended up winning 5 more battles in 3 weeks
  • Roit in New York!

    White workers broke out into a riot against the 1863 draft for soldiers to join the army. They attacked freed blacked slaves and wealthy New Yorkers.
  • Freedmen's Bureau passed

    The Freedmen's Bureau is a federal agency that was created to aid the newly freed blacks. They help them in education, find jobs, and helped relieve immediate needs in their lives. It was around from 1865-1871 until President Ulysses S. Grant disbaned it.
  • Lee surrenders!

    Union troops capture the Confederate capital. Few days later, Lee surrenders to Grant at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia. Reconstruction is stared up in the South as troops from the North come ina dn keep things in check. THe South wants them to be removed.
  • Assassionation?!

    Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater. Andrew Johnson becomes the new President. He creates the 13th-15th amendment which grants citizenship, right to vote, and ends slavery to blacks. The Ku Klux Klan is formed as a result of these changes.
  • Yellowstone is created

    YellowStone National Parl is formed. It's the first of the parks to be created to perserve the land in America.
  • Monoplies are illegal

    Monoplies are made illegal to go against rockerfeller
  • Work conditions

    working conditions are made bad for both adults and childern. child labor laws are created from this
  • Socialism

    economic and political philosophy that favors public control of property
  • Unbaization

    Cities near the coast grow bigger as more immigrents come to America. This leds to more jobs and bigger factories
  • Americanism

    As more immigrents come to America, the people in the cities try to 'americanize' them
  • Election time

    The election between Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes. Tilden leaves the election on the terms that Hayes removes the troops located in the South. Hayes agrees and becomes the new President. This is also the end of Reconsturction in the South
  • Morning Journal

    Morning Journal is created and sells 10,000 copies a day in multiple languages
  • Industry grows

    Mass production during the civil war sparks growth. Immigrents flood the U.S. for jobs and new lives
  • Let there be light!

    Thomas Edison creates the first lightbulb in New York City. This will sparks a new wave in industry.
  • Joseph Pulitzer

    creates "The World" newspaper in New York
  • Education

    Kindergardens and Highschools increase in school education and teachers.
  • Mass Culture Spreads

    Mass culture spreads as ads and newspapers grow more popular in cities and towns.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    An Act that prohibited chinese laborers from entering the U.S. and limited the rights of the chinese already in the U.S.
  • Antitrust Act

    Sherman creates the antitrust act as a way to go against rockerfeller's trust
  • Ads

    Advertisments are seen all over cities and papers as more and more companies buy out spaces for them.
  • Haymarket Strike

    Employees working at Haymarket demanded shorter, 8 hour days. When refused, violence broke out and death arises.
  • "How the Other half lives"

    Writen by a journalist named Jacob Riis, this book brought the horrors of living in Tenements to the public eye.
  • Fixing Tentaments

    water and sanitation in tenements begin to get fixed by the government after Riis book
  • Homestead

    Wages for the steel workers are cut down, causing massive rage. The events after their victory will change the peoples opinion on Unions.
  • American Railway Union

    The American Railway Union is formed for the railroad workers by Eugene V. Debs. When refusal to stop the strike is heard of, Debs is arrested and the strike ends. Unions lose their power.