By Paytonw
  • Oct 24, 1497

    italian born john cabot claims north america for england

  • Period: Oct 24, 1497 to


  • Oct 24, 1534

    jacques cariter of france exploresthe great lakes and the st. lawrence river

  • captain john smith finds the english colony of jamestown.

  • henry hudson explores northeastern north america including the hudson river.

  • treaty of paris ends freench and indian war.

  • colonists declare thier independence from england the decloration of independence.

  • lousian purchace treaty sighnd with france.

  • war of 1812 between america and great britian

  • oregan treaty sighnedand the boundry between canada and the united states is established at the 49th parallel line of latitude.

  • civil war begins

  • civil war ends

  • alaska is purchaced from russia

  • gold is dicoverd in the yukons klodike

  • united states joins ww1 with british and france

  • great depresion begins in US

  • japan attacks US pural harbor,US joins WW2 with allies

  • Us drops atomic bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki

  • niel armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon

  • united states signs a free trade agreement with canada

  • persian gulf war

  • north america free tradeagreement is signed by canada,mexico,and united states

  • occpation of iraq by the united states