Until We Meet Again

  • The Korenblit's go to the Hiding Spot

    The Korenblit's go to the Hiding Spot
    The Korenblit's Manya, and Chaim go to the hiding spot, at Josef's house.
  • Period: to

    The war begins

    The war audibly begins. The Korenblit's can hear it from the hide out. It scares the younger children and the women.
  • Josef is missing

    Josef gets drunk and passes out and it worries the Korenblits when he does not come with the food.
  • Period: to

    Meyer and Manya get hope

    Meyer and Manya are in the Ghetto and are hopless for a while until Meyer meets an old friend who is willing to help smuggle stuff to help free them.
  • Meyer and Manya are seperated.

    Meyer has to forget who he is so he can get work. He pretends to be a Pole so that people will hire him. It makes him and Manya very sad.
  • Chaim is taken away

    Chaim is taken away
    Chaim is bussed away. Manya tries very hard to find him but she can't. He is taken away and she thinks the worst, that he will die.
  • Avrum dies

    Avrum, Meyer's dad dies in a Jewish hospital. He was hit in the head with a metal bar and left in the road to bleed to death.
  • Bye-Bye Family

    Meyer learns that most of his family is believed to be dead. He is distraught, he loved his family very much.
  • Manya gets deported

    Manya gets deported
    Manya and Meyer get deported for the first time to Budzyn.
  • Period: to


    At last, Meyer and Manya are reunited. It is both a happy and sad time. They get each other but they also realize how much they lost.