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  • camp stenson virginia

    camp stenson virginia
    27th virginia infantry the 27th infantry left this camp on Monday morning at three o'clock and reached the Potomac river on the second day after dark at damn number five and stayed for four days to destory it and dry the water in the ohio and Chesapeake canal to prevent provisions from being carryed to washington
  • Camp Near Winchester Va

    Camp Near Winchester Va
    field artilleryon the fourth day of his departure there was a battle expected with the yankees but their was not much of a fight only 20 were killed and wounded his forces consisted of about fourteen thousand, the yankees ran away and did not make any stand. they left behind two cannons
  • Camp near Bunker Hill

    Camp near Bunker Hill
    There was only twelve soldiers out of the 27th infantry in the Battle of Sharpsburg in Maryland there was no paper to be bought in Winchester so soldiers had to use past letters and paper they captured on the battle field
  • Camp Allen

    Camp Allen
    potomac Clarke County va 27th Regt. Company C.
    Care of Captain C. L. Haynes
    First Brigade Jackson's Division
    John Garibaldi writes to his wife he is well and he loves her also everything is calm other than the cannonading that enemy soldiers were crossing potomac in large forces
  • camp winder

    camp winder
    history of 50john sent his wife 50 dollars before christmas so she could buy a new cow there is alot of talk of peace in the north but he dont know if or when he will get to come home
  • Camp Winder Paxton's Brigade

    Camp Winder Paxton's Brigade
    he has no news at the moment other than the facrt that they are all in good helth they are constantly under marching orders and keep a days ration cooked ahead of time they will be marching away from camp in the morning
  • camp winder

    camp winder
    winder hospitalhe is wel at the moment and has no news he neds some black and white thread and some red paper
  • camp winder

    camp winder
    military paytheir wages have been increased 4 dollars per month he is now getting 21 dollars per month they have been expecting to move from here for more than a week but havent moved yet and dont know when they will
  • the battle of chancelorville

    the battle of chancelorville
    they got thirty pieces of artilleryfrom the north theyy fought all day saturday and sunday
  • Camp Stephenson, Frederick County, Va

    Camp Stephenson, Frederick County, Va
    they arrived here in the valley of Winchester last Saturday and surrounded the town. General Rode's Division went down to Martinsburg to cut off their reinforcement who, whipped them back and captured all their ordnance