United States Revolutionary War Timeline

  • John Adams

    John Adams was a leader for the patriots of the americain revolution from the year of (1735) to the year of (1826), 1735-1826. He was also the second president of the united states.
  • Patriots

    After the french and indian war the colonies broke up into 3 sections the loyalists, which like england, the tories, and the patriots who are still colonists. They wanted to go away from England and form a new country.
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    Revolutionary War Timeline Timespan

  • Treaty of Paris

    This treaty was invented and signed to end the french and indian war.
  • Proclamation

    The british invented the proclamation to claim that the land west of the appalachian mountains. The problem was that the indians were already in the west.
  • Sons of Liberty

    These people orgonized the boston tea party. They formed in 1765 trying to prevent the stamp act from passing. There famous motto was " No taxation without representation."
  • Stamp Act

    Forced colonists to pay a tax on almost everything on paper. Had to buy stamps.
  • Quartering Act

    The quartering act was to punish the poor and add more money for the army and thier quarter's.
  • Townshend Acts

    It taxed lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea imported to the colonists.
  • Boston Massacre

    It was a number of colonists got in an argument with the redcoats. Soldiers fired shots into an unarmed crowd killing 5 americains.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonists dressed as mohawks borded the ships in the boston harber filled with tea. They dumped the tea into the water.
  • Loyalists

    These people were colonists loyal to the England empire. They suffered harassment, and got regular atacks because they were so loyal to England.
  • Intolerable Acts

    After dumping the tea the british passed even stricter laws. The colonists called them the intolerable acts because they would not tolerate them.
  • #1 Continental Congress

    The first Continental Congress meets to protest the intolerable acts. To give more power to the colonists in making decisions.
  • Lexington and concord

    The war begins when the fighting breaks out in lexington and concord massachusetts. This war started the americain revolution.
  • Paul Revere

    He heard tips saying that the british were coming. He believed them. He rode on horseback to the nearest village to alert that the shores were in danger and that the british were coming.
  • George Washington

    During the revolution Congress asked him to lead the Continental army. He helped sustain victories at Trenton and Princton.
  • Thomas Paine

    He wrote a letter called commen sense which argued for a free country. He had a significant role in changing peoples opinion.
  • Decloration of Independence

    The decloration of Independence is a prized possestion of liberty. It Represents Americain freedom and rights.
  • Sam Adams

    He started as a Tax collector. Then elected to Massachusetts assembly in 1765. He was also Delegated to the first Continental Congress in 1774. But the most important thing he did was Sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776. No one else signed it that day.
  • Abigail Adams

    She believed in the quality of the sex's and wrote to his husband john adams as he helpedx write the decloration of independence.
  • Hessians

    The largest group of mercenaries were german troops called hessians. More than 1200 hessians fought for the british against washington in trednton.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    First battle of freeman's farm in saratoga New York. there were 2 battles another one on October 7th, 1777.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    In 1779 he became the second governor of Virginia. He was not present in the congress. Soon after he got a letter called common sense. Then they voted for independence.
  • Benedict Arnold

    He was a brave americain soldier, but he felt like he had not been rewarded enough. So the British offered him money for secret information.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    It was the most important battle of the revolutionary war. It was also the last land battle of the revolutionary war.
  • Lord Cornwallis

    He was a british empire who surrenderd in the Battle of Yorktown. He is known for losing the americain colonies.
  • Treaty of Paris

    A treaty signed to give Americain Independence and end the Revolutionary War.
  • Martha Washington

    Martha Washington was the first First Lady of the United States. Luckily she was not in the war but she still was sad becase her first husband had alreaty died. And i'm sure she did not want to lose another. She supported the troops at valley forge by fixing food and mended sock's