Unit 4 Timeline

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    Unit 4 Events

  • Publishing of the Webster

    Publishing of the Webster
    Noah Webster created the American Dictionary of the English Language. It was published in 1828 and later revised it in 1840. This dictionary provides American spellings and American slang words. This is significant because the dictionary sperated the English and Brittish language therefore this is one of the many things that was forming our nation.
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    Andrew Jackson was hoping to become president in the election of 1828. He was running against John Quincy Adams who won the big election of 1824. Jackson felt like the election of 1824 was stolen from him, and now wanted to win the 1828 election. He did win. The easing of vote restrictions increased the number of voters, therefore helping him win the election. He was elected president because of his humble background and how he was a great military leader. This was significant because people fin
  • Battle of Alamo

    Battle of Alamo
    The Battle of Alamo started on February 23, 1836 and ened on March 6, 1836.Texas wanted to be declared as a free independent rebulic. Santa Anna troops fought againist 628 Texan Army. Texan Army leaders included James Fannin, William Travis, and Juan Seguan. Battlie of Alamo lasted for 13 days. Five Texans died through out the battle. It ended because Texans ran out of ammunition. Then the Mexicans killed 183 Alamo defenders. This shoed Texans how hard they would have to fight for their freedom.
  • Lowell Massachusetts Girls Labor Strike

    Lowell Massachusetts Girls Labor Strike
    During the 1830's factories conditions worsened and pay was lowered. The girls who worked in the Lowell Mills started to form a labor union. But during 1836 the rent was raised and the woman cracked, they went on strike. Martin Van Buren ended this panic in 1840 and ordered 10 hour work days for the government workers. This is significant because it showed woman how hard they would have to work to get better conditions.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    More Indians, such as the Choctaw, were moved to the Indian Territory in the beginning of the fall of 1838. The Cherokees tribe was the first tribe to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. They did this to protect their land in Georgia. In 1838 the federal troops forced the Cherokes to go west. Since it was cold and rainy, one fourth of the tribe died. This is significant because the Americans gained more land from the Indians territory.
  • Death of Joesph Smith

    Death of Joesph Smith
    In 1830 Joesph Smith had founded the first morman church in up state New York. Not many people wer fond of the Morman religion. After Dmith was put in the Catheage Jail a angrey mob of anti mormans killed him and Hyrum Smith. On June 27, 1844 Joesph Smith was declard dead because of his religon. This is significant because it is not following the Consitiutions aspect of freedom of religon.
  • Fredrick Douglas Autobioghraphy

    Fredrick Douglas Autobioghraphy
    Fredrick Douglas was a slave as a kin. He was a abolitionist speaker who spoke about his live as a slave, In 1845 Douglas successful wrote and published an autobiography about the slaverry. This is signifgicant because it shows othere free whites what it is like to be a slave.
  • Irish Potato Famine

    Irish Potato Famine
    Irish came into American in the early 1800 due to proverty produced by the Brittish. In 1845 while the Irish were planting a potatos a disease attacked the crop causing a famine, During the famine it killed one million and people fled back home. This is significant because the Irish need to learn how to adapted to certin changes in the United States.
  • Thoreau writes work Walden

    Thoreau writes work Walden
    Henrey Thoreau moved into a cabin by Walden Pond, in 1845. He wrote a story about his life in the Walden woods. "Thoreau said that people should live by their own individual standerds."-- Creating America. This is a thinking called transcendentalism. Transcendentalism says the spritual world is more important than the physical world. This is significant because it gave the people a new way of life.
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    In 1848, John Sutter found GOLD! After this amazing find a bunch of people moved to California for gold. This became the California Gold Rush. Going to California was a vry dangerous task. You either had to go across the mountains or through the sea. Also thre were minning camps that young adults worked at. This is significant because it helped California because richer and have more of a population.
  • End of Mexican War

    End of Mexican War
    The Mexican War began in 1846. It was to see who would get the Mexican territory. On Febuary 22, 1847 Santa Anna troops retreated after the Battle of Buena Vista, this ended the northerner war of Mexico. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War. They reconized Texas as part of the United States and the Mexicans gave up the Mexican Cession. This is siginficant because the United States gained more land from this war.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    On July 19, 1848, Lucretia Mott and Elizibeth Stanton held the Seneca Falls Convention, in New York. This convention attracted 300 men and women. At the convention someone read the Declaration of Independence out loud. It said "All men are created equal", this meant all men and women are created equal to one an other, no matter what race. Now these people were wanting their rights. This is signififcan because it shows that women have all the same rights as men.