unit 3

Timeline created by xtctrujillo
  • The 15th Amendment

  • The completion of the Panama Canal

    1.It provided a quik and easy way to travel from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean.
    2. It was named on of the seven wonders of the world.
    3. It made trading between countries easier.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

  • U.S. entry into WWI

  • Treaty of Versailles

  • The 19th Amendment

  • Hitler invades Poland

    1.Hitler invaded Poland en=ven though Germany signed a non-agression pact in 1934 with poland.
    2. The poland army was defeated within weeks of the invasion.
    3. Hitler did this to gain back land Germany had lost.
  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

  • Executive order 9066

    1.Japanese were put into internment camps because of.
    2. It was signed by FDR.
    3. Some of the Japanese were in the camps for years.
  • U.S. drops first Atomic bomb in Japan

  • U.S. drops second Atomic bomb in Japan

  • March on Washington

    1.Around 25,000 people attended it.
    2.The march was part of the civil rights movement.
    3. MLK gave a famous speech there.
  • John F. Kennedy assassinated

  • First U.S. military advisors were sent into Vietnam

  • Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated

  • Vietnam War ends

  • U.N. resolution 678

  • U.N. begins bombing against Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait

  • U.N. declares victory in the Persian Gulf War