Unit 1 Imperialism

By Room163
  • Washington's Farewell Adress

    Washington's Farewell Adress
    CLICK HERE for more infoWashington's farewell adress was orinally written by Alexander Hamilton. He warned against making alliances with foreign countries and european affairs. The country listened to Washington and instead of creating foreign alliances, we first settled the west and stregnthened our economy. It was never orally given by Washington, it was published in a newspaper in Philadelphia.
  • Matthew Perry's Open Trade with Japan

    Matthew Perry's Open Trade with Japan
    Click hereMatthew Perry accomplished opening trade for the United States with Japan. President Fillmore told Perry to request a treaty from the Japanese. The Treaty of Kanagawa was later signed, resulting in significant commercial trade between the country.
  • purchase of alaska

    purchase of alaska
    William Sweard agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia, for $7.2 million dollars. The US increased but nearly 20% by this move. People opossed Sewards decision and called it, "Sewards Folly," but realized later it was a great addition to the US.
  • USS Maine Explosion

    USS Maine Explosion
    In early 1898, riots broke out in Havana, Cuba. As a result, President Mckinley sent the USS Maine into the city harbor to protect American citizens and property. While on patrol, the Maine exploded, killing over 250 American soldiers. Learn More Here
  • McKinley's War Message to Congress

    McKinley's War Message to Congress
    Click HereMcKinley sent a list Including remarks to Congress on Cuban independence and the explosion of the USSMaine. The result is US declaring war on Spain.
  • Spanish Fleet Sunk in Manila Bay

    Spanish Fleet Sunk in Manila Bay
    Click HereAfter the explostion of the "USS Maine". Teddy Roosenvelt ordered Admiral Dewey to prepare for a military action against Spain. The first action of the war was the destroying of the entire Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay.
  • Charge Up San Juan Hill

    Charge Up San Juan Hill
    Click Here On July 1, 1898, Theodore Roosevelt led a group known as Rough Riders to Santiago,Cuba, in a battle against a small Spanish fort. This was one part of a two prong attack on Santiago. The American's success led to the destruction of the Spanish fleet.
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Annexation of Hawaii
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    Hawaii was annexed to the United States because it served as a good strategic naval base in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
  • Treaty of Paris Spanish-American War

    Treaty of Paris Spanish-American War
    Click hereU.S navy sunk all the Spanish ships, leading to the U.S. payed 20 million dollars for the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Also, Cuba was granted independence. Overall 2500 U.S. soldiers died 2100 of them due to disease. This treaty ended the Spanish American War.
  • Cuba Gets Independence

    Cuba Gets Independence
    Cuban Constitution (English version)The Treaty of Paris gave Cuba independence from Spain. In the same treaty, the U.S paid $20 million for Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillipines. These territories became "unincorporated territories", meaning that they were not meant for statehood. Cuba was allowed to start writing their constitution, which was to be submitted to the U.S. The U.S made one ammendment, called the Platt Ammendment, which gave the U.S a naval base in Cuba, now called Guantanamo Bay.
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    CLICK HEREclick hereThe Roosevelt Corollary was an addition to the Monroe Doctrine. Stating that the United States did not want more territory, the Roosevelt Corolarry explained how the US wanted to see countries south of the the border "be stable, orderly and prosperous."
  • Great White Fleet Deploys

    Great White Fleet Deploys
    Click Here This was a U.S. naval fleet ordered by president Theodore Roosevelt that was painted white to show our military strength. it was sent around the world to show other nations our pride.
  • The Jones Act

    The Jones Act
    the 1917 Jones Act:Puerto Ricans as US citizensPuerto Ricans were granted US citizenship but it wasn't a full citizenship because the US Constituion did not apply to territories.
  • Filipino independence

    Filipino independence
    For more, click here. Filipino rebels finally got their independence from the US after a bitter 3-year war.