Ulysses s grant

Ulysses S. Grant Event Timeline

By unidude
  • Birth

    Born on April 27th, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio
  • West Point

    West Point
    Was admitted into West Point Accademy in Ohio
  • Mexican War

    Mexican War
    Left to fight the required 2 years of military service during the Mexican War
  • Marriage

    Married Julia Dent
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Confederate troops attack Fort Sumter
  • Volunteers Services

    Grant Volunteers his services and trains the Illinois Volunteer Regiment
  • Captures Forts

    Captures Forts
    Captures forts Henry and Donelson, and earns him the name "Unconditional Surrender" Grant along with others
  • Vicksburg

    Takes Vicksburg by siege, splitting the Confederacy by putting the Mississippi under Union control.
  • Promotion

    After the victories at Vicksburg a Fort Donelson and Henry, Grant was promoted to General over all Union Armies
  • Surrender at Appomattox

    Surrender at Appomattox
    Grant tracks down Robert E. Lee and his army, inflicting unsustain able casualties and causing Lee to surrender at Appomattox Courthouse
  • Election of 1868

    Election of 1868
    At age 46, Grant was elected President and was relected in 1872
  • Leaving Office

    Leaving Office
    Back in the public, Grant new that he had to get a job, but he had had bad luck every other time before while looking for employment. He gets involved in a financial firm but went bankrupt.
  • Grant Writes his Memoirs

    Grant Writes his Memoirs
    Grant discovers that he has throat cancer, since he has no money even though his military pension has been reinstated, he writes his memoirs and has his friend Mark Twain publish them, earning his family $450,000 before he dies on July 23rd, 1886