Ulysses S Grant

By Stevop
  • Date of Birth

    Born as Hiram Ulysses Grant
  • Period: to


    Grant grows up in Georgetown, Ohio
  • Grant enters the USMA

  • Period: to

    Mexican~American War

  • Bravery Award

    Grant is awarded for his bravery at the battle of Molino del Rey
  • Marries Julia Boggs Dent

  • Frederick Dent Grant is born

    One of Grant's children
  • Ulysses S Grant Jr is born

    One of Grant Sr.'s children
  • Nellie Grant is Born

    One of Grant's children
  • Jeese Root Grant is born

    One of Grant's children
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    General Ulysses S Grant was one of the most important miltary figures during this war.
  • Battle of Shiloh

  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Lasted untill July 4th.
  • Appointed Lt. General

  • The Confederates surrender at Appamattox Courthouse

    This event marked the end of the Civil War, when General Robert E Lee for the suth signed surrender terms presented by Grant.
  • Period: to


    Grant served 2 terms as the President of the United States
  • Period: to


    Scandals are:
    Black Friday
    New York custum house ring
    Star route postal ring
    Salary Grab
    Sanborn Contract
    Delano Affair
    Pratt & Boyd
    Whiskey Ring
    Trading Post Ring
    Safe Burglary Conspiracy
  • Panic of 1873

    Due to the Civil War, a large depression was experienced by America
  • Period: to

    World Tour

    not exact dates
  • Death

    One of the greatest men in American History dies at the age of 63