U.S History Timeline

By LappCAB
  • Period: to


    People were taken for people that they loved. then they could not have a name if the owners what them to.
  • 2.The date the Continental Congress offically signs the Declaration of Independence

    It was made on the August 2, 1776, and not on July 4. Then when the Secret Journals of Congress were published in 1821there were people that did not agree with them there names were Jefferson and Adams. but then they thout it would be good for them
  • The official signing of the U.S. Constitution

    The official signing of the U.S. Constitution
    it was made on the September 17 . then it was went into effect on March 4, 1789. the it were proposed by Congress on September 25, 1789. it has been amended twenty-seven times
  • world war 2

    the war was at lasted from 1939 to 1945 it start 3rd September 1939, Then this happen generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939. this is then it and endedlasted for the next 46 years.
  • Period: to


    I was the long last war that did not end till most of the people die
  • •March on Washington / "I Have a Dream" Speech

    "I Have a Dream" is a public speech delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963. T hen he was shto and kill be cose to the speech.which This is how mush was save for the speech freed millions of slaves in 1863.
  • Passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    Against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and women.Powers given to enforce the act were initially weak, but were supplemented during later years
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I live in mohton reading. I have two dogs and 1 nefuw. I love to live with my mom and dad. I like to go horse back rideing .then i like to train my dog kobie for agility for compitishons. and that my papp was in world war 2
  • Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001

    Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
    In the terrosit attack of september . This is what happen Two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade Center complex in New York City.but when to tower then this happen the resulting fires .