U.S. History 1877-2008

  • Period: to

    Early American History

  • Declaration of Independence signed

  • Constitution Written

  • Bill of Rights ratified

  • Period: to

    Civil War/Reconstruction

  • Homestead Act

    provided 160 acres to anyone willing to settle on land in the west
  • 13th Amendment

    Abolished Slavery
  • 14th Amendment

    Citizen & Due Process
  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

  • 15th Amendment

    Voting for all male citizens
  • Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell

  • Period: to

    The Gilded Age

    Rockefeller/Carnegie (Captains of Industry vs. Robber Barons)
    Jane Addams
  • Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    outlawed business monopolies
  • Period: to

    The Progressive Era

  • Plessy v Ferguson

    legalized segregation, established “separate but equal”
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Period: to

    Roaring Twenties

  • Stock Market Crash

  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    Hoovervilles: Built by homeless in the united state
    The New Deal:series of programs
    Causes of the Great Depression: Stock Market crash,Factories catastrophe,Overproduction,Executive inaction,ill-limited tariffs
    Court Packing:he Supreme Court struck down several New Deal measures as being unconstitutional.
    Eleanor Roosevelt:longest First Lady of united states
  • Dust bowl

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt elected

  • Civilian Conservation Corps

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Works Progress Administration

  • Social Security Act

    established the Social Security Administration, which provides unemployment insurance, aid to the disabled, old age pensions, and insurance for families
  • Adolf Hitler invades Poland, starting WWII

  • Period: to

    World War II

    Island Hopping: Taking control and making it a base to attack other islands
    Liberation of Concentration Camps:Stopped after Poland was clea of jews
    Dwight Eisenhower:President 1953-1961
    Douglas MacArthur: General during ww2 1939-1945
    Chester W. Nimitz:was a fleet admiral
    Navajo Code Talkers:Unbreakable code
    Tuskegee Airmen: 322nd Pilot Squadron
    Flying Tigers:a Plane to bomb Japan
    The Manhattan Project: Developing Nuclear weapons
    Rosie the Riveter :having women work in factories to help the war
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

  • battle of midway

  • Bataan death march

  • D-Day invasion of normandy

  • Executive Order 9066

    incarceration of Japanese Americans for the duration of WWII
  • G.I Bill

    gives military veterans financial and educational benefits
  • United Nations formed

  • The atomic bomb, “Little Boy” is dropped in Hiroshima, Japan (August 6)

  • The atomic bomb, “Fat Man” is dropped in Nagasaki, Japan, ending World War II (August 9)

  • Period: to

    Early Cold War

    Containment : Stop and Contain Communism
    Arms Race/Space Race : US and Soviet Union Racing to the finish line to have nuclear weapons
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics : Established by Russia
    Communism : First developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th century, it has been the foremost ideology of the communist movement.
    Domino Theory : 1 country falls and everyone else falls
  • Truman Doctrine

    U.S. policy that gave military and economic aid to countries threatened by communism
  • Berlin Airlift

  • Marshall Plan

    program to help European countries rebuild after World War II
  • NATO established

  • Korean War

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Era

  • Rosenbergs trial

  • 22nd Amendment

    prohibits anyone who has been elected president twice from being elected again
  • First H-Bomb detonated by the United States

  • Korean War

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Jonas Salk invents the Polio Vaccine

  • Interstate Highway Act

    authorized the building of a national highway system
  • USSR launches Sputnik

  • cuban missile crisis

  • Medicore & Medicaid established

  • Tet Offensive

  • Tinker v. Des Moines

    Defined the first amendment rights for students in the united states.
  • Period: to

    End of the Cold War

  • Petagon Papers Leaked

  • 26th Amendment

    moving the voting age from 21 to 18 year old
  • Fail of Saigon & End of Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    1990-21st Century

  • Period: to

    Perisan gulf war